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HHS 231- Module 9 Discussion: Stress management

Aug 21, 2023

Module 9 Discussion

Look into your community resources with regard to physical activity, nutrition, stress management, or health/well-being. For example, the local activity guide, races/rides, parks, and recreation website, grocery stores, medical centers, employee wellness programs, or sports clubs/leagues to see what would spark your interest. After examining your community resources, respond to the following topics based on the discussion board guidelines listed below.

Initial post (5 points): What are some physical activity/nutrition/health resources that are offered within your community that you would be interested in exploring or participating in? Explain why you would be interested in these types of programs. If you didn’t find a resource you were looking for but want to participate in, explain the resource you are seeking, and do you have any ideas of who to contact within your community to inquire about it? If you are employed does your employer offer any wellness/health incentives for being active or maintaining a healthy lifestyle? What does that incentive program look like? This post must be at least 100 words.

Module 9 Discussion: Stress management

Stress management helps us to deal with stress and difficulties in our life. In my community, there is a clubhouse beside the football ground that has introduced stress management therapy for the people in the colony and their friends. I am very interested to join them as stress management not only relieves stress but also helps to lead a healthier balanced life.

In this daily busy life, coming back home after a long-time stressed me out, as I could not focus on any extracurricular activities after that. Then I met my neighbor during grocery shopping and he suggested the stress management program that started in our colony and its benefits.

This program may enhance my ability to cope with adversity. Like, it can improve my emotional reactions and awareness, find my purpose in life, my sense of control may increase or most importantly cultivate gratitude and optimism (Yu et al. 2018, p.23). This program includes relaxing exercises like meditation, prayer, deep breathing, and yoga which has numerous benefits that we have discussed before.

I am planning to join this stress management therapy session after work as they have a very flexible schedule. My neighbor had been very supportive and helpful in this.


Yu, B., Funk, M., Hu, J., Wang, Q., & Feijs, L. (2018). Biofeedback for everyday stress management: A systematic review. Frontiers in ICT5, 23.

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