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HCAD650-Week 6 Assignment

Jul 26, 2023

    Requirements for the assignment

    How does the organization ensure high ethical conduct and a commitment to transparency and accountability?

    What established ethical structures to resolve ethical issues do they have in place?

    How does the organization maintain a balance between personal and professional accountability and ensure the central focus is the needs of the patient/community?


    Week 6 Assignment


    The business dynamics of healthcare organizations are based on the execution of relinquishments and delights. Satisfaction among all the stakeholders of the medical organization is a matter of focus. Cardinal Health is the major execution of the medical dynamics based on the healthcare organizations. Cardinal Health requires the use of proper medical manipulation for proceedings.  Medical organizations are induced with the facilities of customer orientations. For this purpose, ethics is a consideration subject to be used as the centralized theme of the execution. This can also help to maintain balance in medical conduction.

    Need of ethics

    The medical departments use ethical standards for the enhancement of values for good communication. It involves the use of trust, accountability, mutual respect, and fair medical care. The ethics that are going to be used in the healthcare organization require the use of promotion of guarantee and respect for individuals, maintenance of confidentiality, protection of privacy, induction of informed consent, and preservation of medical standards. Cardinal Health is the kind of medical enhancement that is required to be viewed with proper concern. I think that Cardinal Health is the synopsis of the medical dynamics which requires patience and virtue. Experimentation and research are needed in this orientation. Cardinal Health is based on the autonomic regulations which is required to be a matter of concentration and idealism.  I consider that without the use of ethics, the executions of medical organizations can be modulated with flaws and hindrances. It can reduce rust among patients and medical professionals. Ethics is like the inner potential of the healthcare organization, through which the business dynamics of the healthcare organizations are improvised (, 2020). Ethics is the need for medical departments to provide trustworthy services for individuals who need help. The values based on ethics are significant for the providers of healthcare. Ethics within the dimension of healthcare is significant because it helps to reduce healthcare dilemmas, it helps to formulate proper judgments and it also helps to promote efficient decisions.

    Use of ethical structures

    I think that without the use of ethical structures, the ethical balance in an organization cannot be maintained. The use of the ethical structure is the kind of enhancement through which the ethical resources and needs of the medical departments can be relinquished. In this regard, the ethical structure that is going to be used is based on the anonymous title. This ethical structure is formulated for the mitigation of complex decisions for older patients (Hamasaki & Hagihara, 2015, p.7). Cardinal Health is the concerning knowledge that is required for medical professionals to involve in it. Cardinal Health is the physiological regulation that needs scientific executions and circulation of knowledge. The main characteristics of the ethical structure are it helps to provide help to the healthcare professionals, it provides the step-by-step methodology and enhancement of step-by-step modulations, moral values, and balancing approaches. This ethical structure has the enhancement through which quality executions in the medical service can be conducted.

    Maintaining balance in the professional and personal accountability

    Ethics is a fundamental requirement of medical organizations. The medical professionals of the medical organization have to consider professional and personal accountability as a matter of focus. Medical professionals have to maintain their professional duties for their career development. Medical professionals have to maintain their personal duties for their own improvements. I think that professional and personal accountability among medical professionals has to be ensured with proper alignment and stability. Human anatomy is regulated through the use of cardinal balance. A balance in the cardinal direction is needed as the improvising matter of focus (, 2021). The decisions made by the medical professionals have to be mutually corresponding to their professional and personal accountability. In this considering matter, ethics play a significant role and that is required to be balanced (Colaco et al. 2018, p.5). It is required to execute all kinds of professional and personal duties of medical professionals with maintaining ethics as part of the focus. At any conduction, ethics cannot be violated and it must be considered as the first priority in the medical execution. It is required to be considered that ethics is directly proportional to the quality of medical services. The maintenance of balance in professional and personal accountability is a need that has to be ensured with the need for ethics. I consider that ethics provides the bond between the mutual respect of the professional and personal dynamics of medical professionals.


    The medical departments have to be active with their ethics. The use of ethics has to be incorporated with the use of proper structure. I think that every medical professional has to rely on ethical values as part of their considering subject. Healthcare organizations have to be linear with their ethical proceedings. With the use of ethical proceedings, the business dynamics of a healthcare organization can be improved. Cardinal Health is the significance of medical science which is needed as the proceedings. Ethics provides medical professionals to work in a potentially stable way that has proper efficiency. The personal and professional dynamics of medical professionals have to be stabilized with the use of ethics. I think that medical organizations need ethics for increasing their organizational value. The use of ethics helps to provide relinquishment and satisfaction to all kinds of stakeholders of the medical organization and it also helps to provide better execution of efficiency in an improvising way.

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