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HCA 322-Week 3 – Discussion 1-Option 2: Patient Safety – DNRs

Jul 29, 2023

Option 2: Patient Safety – DNRs

First, review your state government’s website and search for its official Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Form; along with the form will be information and instructions regarding the form. Next, research two area hospitals to determine if they provide separate DNR forms. Finally, perform additional research regarding DNRs.

In your initial post,

  • Analyze the requirements of your state government’s DNR.
  • Identify the requirements of the DNRs of the two hospitals.
  • Examine the differences and similarities between the DNR requirements of the state and the two hospitals, and address the following questions:
    • What are they?
    • Which one should you follow?
  • Explain how a DNR is applied if a patient is under hospice care and EMTs are called.

NOTE: Some governments and/or hospitals call these forms Advanced Directives. Either one is acceptable.

Week 3 – Discussion 1

Option 2: Patient Safety-DNRs

“Do Not Resuscitate”, is the form that has been allowing the individual in order make decisions according to their health. Thus, this can be related to the health care plan, based on the honor and the wishes that are made by the patients, which helps the caregiver or the doctors to continue their treatment, or if the patient does not want to continue they can decline the treatment too. The officials of “Do Not Resuscitate”, based on the printing form based on a discolored background in order to consider a validation. Therefore, in the case of the medical professionals, one has to follow a suit and has to honor the patient’s based on the wishes that mainly continue the treatment to intervene ore comfort while minimizing the plan. Therefore, as in the case of the United States, the patients, above the age of 18 or older have the right to take their own decisions in order to instruct the doctors to continue or discontinue treatment to the patients. Thus, DNRs mainly include the rights given to medical care in order to accept the treatment, or can even reject to give treatment. Therefore, DNRs are mainly developed based on patient safety, as this focuses on making it clear the nature of the illness to the patients based on the alternative treatment and care which are available in the healthcare homes (Bustillos & Vellek 2019).

Mayo Clinic, or the different alternative healthcare homes, are required to develop their DNRs form, in order to make an advancement in the Health Care Directives, based on a thorough document, that can resuscitate the wishes and the direction which is eventually made by the patients, on understanding about the nature of their illness. Therefore, a detailed note mainly focuses on honoring the power of the patient to hold back and speak for themselves.

On the other hand, I would like to mention the difference that takes place between the state and general hospitals. Therefore, this is especially noted in the theory, stating that DNR facilities mainly implement on an individual patient in order to continue the need that is required to be in a longer state. Therefore, the special DNR is required to be signed and filed by a general physician, so that they can carry on with the patient, which can allow the medical professionals in order to make an evaluation while sustaining to see the patients based on the ways without making an intervention. Thus, in the case of the requirements, one has to follow the things which are required based on the individuals that are to be followed in the hospital, along with learning about the requirements, the accessibility, and the validity based on the facilities given to the patients (Bustillos & Vellek 2019).   

If a DNR order is present, and it is applied to the patient under the hospice care and the EMTs unit, the EMT shall perform the CPR on the patient, at the time necessary. Thus, reports measure that the DNR only covers CPR. In the case of the patients and their wishes, they can refuse the forms if it is required in the treatment based on the given antidotes, the intravenous fluids, or any nutritional changes required for the betterment of the patient so that the patient can remain hydrated and can also make discussion with the general physician while making a separate health plan (Mayo Clinic. 2021). Apart from this, medicare- certified hospices might not require to follow an order by DNR, as it can be understood about the plan is made on the basis of the patient, and their family while the patient shall receive palliative or non-curative care. Therefore, understanding the process in order to select hospice to provide one to love based on the difficulties and confusion faced by a mediated person, while treatment. Moreover, based on the hospice and DNR status are basically based on the conflict, to understand the truth, the DNR status, has little impact on the eligibility of the people for hospice.

Apart from this implementation of the Non-Resuscitation Act mainly empowers the person, in order to engage in an end-stage medical condition, based on the appropriate representation that a person gets secure and safe in the hospital under a DNR order based on the authorization of the representative, to understand the will of the patients. Hence, in the case of hospice patients, who require special care, shall mainly focus on the quality of the life of the people, while the caregivers always expect advanced treatment while limiting their life-illness, at times might not follow the guidelines of DNR. Therefore, these items, often direct the EMS personnel, based on the out-hospitals, while setting a CPR event for the cardiac patient or the patients suffering from respiratory diseases or affect in the nervous system.


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