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HCA 322-Week 3-Assignment-Core Measures

Jul 28, 2023

    Core Measures

    Read the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005, and review the information on the Measures web page of The Joint Commission website. Pick one of the core measures from the list on the left-hand side of this web page. For this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation in which you explain how a hospital would typically put policies and procedures into place to ensure that it is following your selected core measure.

    In your presentation,

    • Describe the core measure you chose.
    • Analyze how your hospital will follow the requirements in the chosen core measure.
    • Examine the penalties that will occur if this policy/procedure is not followed.

    You are basically creating the policy/procedure and presenting it on the PowerPoint as if you were presenting to an audience.

    Create a PowerPoint presentation using the guidelines below. Your presentation must utilize at least two scholarly sources from the last five to seven years, in addition to the textbook, that contains research regarding how your policy and/or procedure would be put into place in a hospital setting.

    The Core Measures PowerPoint presentation assignment

    • Must be five to seven slides (excluding the title slide and reference slides) and be formatted according to APA style
    • Must use speakers notes

     Core Measures

    Week 3 – Assignment

    Describe the core measures you chose.

    The Joint Commission has successfully initiated as well as implemented the standardized core performances in order to develop a core measure for the different hospitals to follow in order to provide proper safety to all the patients, under the Bill of Rights. The Patient Safety and Quality Act of 2005, has established various levels of healthcare facilities to report on the basis of different healthcare events. Hence, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act mainly signifies based on the Federal Government to foster patient safety while ensuring core measures on an emergency basis for patients, with severe conditions. Yet, this often includes medical errors, in case of emergencies. Therefore, in order to mitigate the emergency situation to help the patients, the selected core measure shall be in the Emergency Department ( 2021). Apparently, this is to discuss that the Emergency department is divided into two parts which are for the admitted patients and the second part for the discharging of the patients. Thus, the core measure is to take proper care, which is likely to be indicated by performing all the lab tests, the x-ray scans, and in case of looking forward with their tests as mentioned by the Joint Commission, 2014. Thus, the selected core measure, based on the emergency basis, mainly looks forward to helping and ensuring that all patients are given treatment in a timely manner, with a severe condition. For example, if a patient arrives with chest pain can lead to developing cardiac arrest, and requires to get treatment on an emergency basis. Thus, the patients require to get admitted quickly, while keeping a record of his/ her arrival and giving out proper safety to the patients, in order to reduce further damage to his/ her heart. As compared with this, as in the case of the emergency department, the hall gives more significance to the cardiac arrest patient, as compared to the one, who is having the common flu.     

    Analyze how your hospital will follow the requirements in the chosen core measure.

    My hospital shall follow different requirements based on the emergency department. Yet, I have selected the emergency department, as the core measure in order to give proper safety to all the arriving patients, in an emergency state. Therefore, my hospital eventually ensures that patients shall receive better treatment within a span of time, especially during severe conditions. Hence, my hospital, deals with a detailed idea about all the patients, so that they can get equal treatment, be it a common flu or patients arriving with cardiac arrest. Simultaneously, as the Joint Commission took the initiative based on the core measure of different hospitals, my hospital also takes up developing itself based on the emergency department, to check cases with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and heart failure (HF) (The Joint Commission 2014). Associated with this organization, previously I could find several failures and medical errors taking place, which eventually developed as a life threat to the patients facing Acute Myocardial Infarction or Heart Failure. Simultaneous reports mention that now the health care organization takes up the initiative to focus on the arrival and the discharge of the patients, suffering from cardiac issues. Therefore, nowadays, my organization follows the Joint Commission, 2014, which deals with the documentation of the admitting patient and following a chart, based on creating a patient’s chart, that includes, the patient’s discharge, their arrival, and the departments, which is recorded under the Emergency Department. Therefore, in order to utilize the core measures under CMS and Joint Commission, worked were aligned the specific core measures under the 7th scope, while accrediting the hospitals (The Joint Commission 2014). Therefore, the organization has been following the Joint Commission to re-examine all the patient’s rights and safety when they are facing an emergency situation. Hence, in case of cardiac emergencies, our hospital is always at stake to follow up with the patients, along with the patients, with running noses, who can even wait. Therefore, patients having severe cardiac arrest, get immediate treatment, with medication and tests keeping the health records to examine the patients, and bring out the patient from life threat.


    The Joint Commission. (2014). History of Performance Measures. Core Measure Sets | Joint Commission. Retrieved from [Retrieved on 14th January, 2022] (2021). The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Retrieved from [Retrieved on 14th January, 2022]

    PPT Attached 

    Core Measures Solution

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