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HBEH 775- All Kaiser health news

Aug 10, 2023


This assignment is intended to help you learn how to monitor current issues regarding healthcare policy.

Action Items

Review current health policy news. Select articles from any of the three following feeds:

1. All Kaiser Health News 2

2.  The Health Policy Skeptic &

3. Health – Google News

Choose two articles from any of the three feeds. Write a 300- to 400-word synopsis of each article that addresses the items listed below. (You must provide appropriate APA citation and referencing & for each article. Failure to properly cite and reference may result in a charge of plagiarism):

  1. Who are the key players?
  2. What is the central issue?
  3. When did the issue arise? Is it a new issue or an ongoing one?
  4. Where did the issue occur?
  5. How does the issue affect any or all of the following groups:
  6. Suppliers of health policy
  7. Demanders of health policy
  8. Communities and individuals


All Kaiser Health News:

1. Key players: Kaiser Health News is a non-profit organization that deals with providing service to the people by introducing new healthcare policies and politics. The mission of Kaiser Health News is to deliver healthcare news to the nations by introducing health policy issues at the states and federal levels. It covers new healthcare trends and the delivery of healthcare in the marketplace happening worldwide.

2. The central issue: From Alabama to Utah, there is a vaccination problem with enrolment issues. There is effort to get a vaccination for Covid-19 in Utah is very lower according to recent data. The low-income people are not getting enough vaccines, who are tend to sicker than the private insurance holders, or in the higher risk zone right now. There is no data that how many Medicaid enrollees are gotten vaccinated in recent years. But in the case of Alabama to Utah, there is less than half of the Medicaid enrollees are getting vaccinated which is actually a worrying cause of now.

3. Cause of arising the issue: Medicaid is a medical benefit provided by the federal states, which is a subsidy basis long-term insurance policy for lower-income people. The Medicaid peoples have the correct address or contact number therefore, the higher authority at the Medicaid department is failed to update information about them.

4. Issue occurrence: The issue has occurred in Utah where people with low-income and frequent job changes are getting into trouble with an enrolment of Covid-19 vaccinations and it is getting tough day by day to find them as the lack of contact.

5. How does the issue affect you?

  • Supplier of health policy: The higher authority is trying to find Medicaid persons in several states but it failed due to lack of contact.
  • Demanders of health policy: Medicaid enrollees who actually need the vaccine because of their lower income cannot buy it from the outside markets, not getting enough, outreach by government officials.

Reference: From Alabama to Utah, Efforts to Vaccinate Medicaid Enrollees Against Covid Run Into Obstacles. KHN. Retrieved from [Retrieved on February 24, 2022]


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