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HA 555- Week 1 Discussion: Healthcare Organization

Sep 6, 2023

Week 1 Discussion Forum

Why is project management important to a healthcare organization?

Do you think it has become more or less important in recent years? Why? Support your answer with an example.

Week 1 Discussion: Healthcare Organization

Project management is the process of leading the work of a team to achieve all project goals within the given constraints. Project management helps in executing the work within the time limit within the budget provided. It can be said that project management is important in various important fields (Vaishnavi, Suresh & Dutta, 2019, p.5). One of the important fuels was project management is important is the healthcare organization. The reasons that project management is important in the healthcare organization are stated below-

Manage risk- One of the reasons that project management is important is to manage the risk in the healthcare organization. There are various risks that take place in the healthcare unit the risk including completing the work on time and the management of the work or the input or output of resources. With the help of project management, the risk is reduced and the work gets completed in time.

Control cost– One of the other reasons for the requirement of project management in the health care organization is that with the help of it, the cost is controlled because the cost of the resources is properly managed which helps to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Organize work and polices-With the help of the project management, all the work of the organization gets completed within the provided time limit. The policies and procedures are to be followed properly with that all the work gets done in the proper and organized ways and the work also gets completed within the proper time limit as well (Alvarenga et al. 2019, p.5).

For example, in a healthcare organization, there are various costs are being incurred and sometimes the record is not maintained due to which unnecessary expenses also take place without any course. It can be said that with the help of project management, the management is done where the resources are lacking and where more resources are there and likewise the plans and management are done which reduces the extra expenses. This helps to run the organization properly without any issues like more time being taken or the policies not being followed.

In recent years project management has been one of the most important aspects and is required in healthcare organizations. Here are some of the reasons that are stated below for the importance of project management in healthcare organizations.

Firstly, in recent years, the workload has increased in the healthcare department and if proper project management is done then the work gets completed within the time limit. Proper management helps to work properly without any delay work

Secondly, project management is important in recent times so that business can run more smoothly and properly the team will be more focused, and less distraction can take place in work. Proper management reduces distraction as people will work on their own work rather than seeing other work and wasting time.

It can be said that in the organization proper planning is required to determine whether the cost is to be reduced and which part needs more focus with proper planning. The cost will be controlled and the investment will be done in that place where it is required and unnecessary costs will not take place.


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