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HA 535- Week 6 Discussion: Statistical Methods used in Healthcare Research

Aug 4, 2023

Week 6 Discussion Forum
Complete your week 6 required discussion prompt.
Why is it important for healthcare administrators to understand statistical methods used in healthcare research? Provide examples of concepts (such as a confidence interval) and practical skills you have learned that could be used to explain the information to healthcare leaders who might not have an MHA or Training in healthcare research.

Importance of the knowledge and understanding of statistical methods used in healthcare research by Healthcare administrators:

The part of a healthcare organization that serves its responsibility of making essential decisions regarding the healthcare organization and the facilities to be provided by the organization, from behind the scenes, is regarded as the healthcare administrator. The people working as administrators in healthcare have detailed knowledge regarding the framework of regulating patient care. Dealing with budgets and policies assuring the safety of the staff and guests as well as the creation of better and enhanced patient-friendly experiences (, 2022).

For the creation and implementation of these policies and budgets, the healthcare administrators need to research and analyze the work and the outcome of the work done by the healthcare is a requirement. This research and analysis are only possible if the administrators are well aware of, that is, have a clear understanding and knowledge of the statistical methods used in healthcare research. The knowledge of statistics enables a healthcare employee to apply the appropriate methodology in gathering the information, using relevant analysis for the presentation of effective and accurate findings of the research or study (, 2022).

The two main statistical methods used in healthcare research are qualitative research methods and quantitative research methods. The summarization of the costs, utility, and efficacy of healthcare products and services is done through the qualitative research method. On the other hand, the analysis through the collection of numerical data from various population samples to describe the findings from the analysis of the data collected is done through the quantitative research method (, 2022).

Firstly, the prediction of the types of services to be provided and the degree of affordability of care with the information on demographic statistics like age, disabilities, income, race, sex, etc., is possible only if the administrators know statistics (, 2022). Secondly, The knowledge of statistics enables healthcare administrators to monitor and compare the empirical data and its trends at the international, national, state, and local level. This ultimately helps in the allocation of resources, private and public funds, and in the determination of the focus of the research effort (Aggarwal, 2018). Thirdly, for the efficient allocation of healthcare resources as well as for the efficient outcome of healthcare services, the administrators need to have an understanding of the statistical methods. This efficient allocation will bring both production and allocative efficiency to the organization and will result in the minimization of the costs and trade-offs related to risks involved in the research and organization of healthcare. Fourthly, the assessment of the demand of the population the healthcare system is about to serve or already serves requires the knowledge of statistics. Fifthly, the advancement of technology in the healthcare system due to continuous research related to healthcare focuses on the quality improvement and development of healthcare products. This process of quality improvement and product development is only possible if there is the use of statistical analysis during the clinical trials and testing and this statistical analysis in turn can only be done if the healthcare administrators and researchers have a clear understanding of the statistical methods to be used in the healthcare research (, 2022).


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