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CIS 665- Week 10 Discussion: HSS Project

Aug 2, 2023

Week 10 Discussion


The HSS Project Sponsor and the undersecretary spoke with your Program Manager about their interest in the Requirements Management Plan. They wanted to know how he intended to demonstrate. At the close of the project when deliverables are turned over to the government agencies, whether the requirements had actually been met. Your Program Manager explains to you that he told them you are planning to use a Requirements Verification Matrix for this purpose. Nonetheless, the Project Sponsor and undersecretary wanted to hear from you

QUESTIONS/TOPICS FOR YOUR POST: In a few paragraphs respond to the following question

  1. On the Discussion Board, use what you have learned about requirements verification to compose a memo to these key stakeholders that explains what a Requirements Verification Matrix is and how you plan to use it to every the requirements have been met.


Week 10 Discussion 

The requirement verification matrix is made up of a requirement identification code, requirement traceability to higher-level documents, verification methods to be used, and the verification procedure identification code. The main purpose of the required verification matrix is to validate that all the documents are properly checked and no functions remain unchecked. The documents are checked by applying all the parameters and protocols (Ali, Ahmed & Shafi, 2018, p.2). It defines that all the documents which are checked and tested are tested according to the tested protocol. Here the verification takes place related to the document that it completes all the procedures in checking the document and is properly checked without any mistake. 

To verify that all the requirements are met we will use the requirement verification matrix. The plan which I made to use it is stated below-

Collect all the documents- First thing which should be done to verify the documents is to collect all the documents which need to be done verification. The collection helps to assemble all the documents properly in the proper way. 

Proper code to be given to similar documents- After collecting the document the important part which needs to be done is to provide the proper code to each of the items and documents. The proper coding helps to identify the document properly and helps to segregate one document from another and less confusion can take place. 

Segregate all the documents accordingly- After coding the next part which needs to be done is segregating the document from each other as it will be good in the verification. The documents should be segregated according to the requirements (Liu et al. 2022, p.1022). 

Verification is done by complying with all the protocols- It is the last process in which the verification of the documents is done by applying all the protocols and the rules and the regulation of the testing. The testing and the verification of the document can be done by complying with the proper procedure and protocols. 


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