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FW 340- Week 10 Discussion: Future Scene

Sep 12, 2023

Week 10 | Future Scenario


In preparation, please read the final readings and take 15-20 minutes or so to reflect on the entire syllabus for the term. Then, using whatever medium most inspires you, explore what an inclusive future in Fisheries, Wildlife, and/or Conservation would look like. Don’t justify (unless a manifesto is your medium), just describe or represent. Use words, drawings, or any other form of art/communication.

What would we see?

What would we feel?

How would we think?

How would we act?

Week 10 Discussion: Future Scene

I am very excited to find out what is ahead for us in the Yellowstone Wolf Preservation Project. The wider Yellowstone environment is home to up to 8 separate wolf packs, according to the most recent statistics kept by Yellowstone Park Rangers. If we look back on history, we can see that there have been several massacres where wolves have been ruthlessly killed and hunted, leading to the deaths of more than 150 of them.

Comparatively speaking to the past, wolf conservation has steadily improved. Many wolves will be preserved in the future in order to achieve the right ecosystemic balance.

The effective conservation of the wolves will motivate us to work harder for a more significant cause in addition to making us feel good. We must acknowledge the importance of the wolves. If humans are unable to protect the species, there might be a severe imbalance in the animal kingdom.

Wolves have the ability to alter the relationships between predators and prey as well as the landscape naturally, altering the dynamics of wildlife species throughout an ecosystem. Wolves may influence the abundance of some species, but they may also be essential to the environment.

If we don’t plan this well, we might change the course of the animal kingdom. Wolves will soon become extinct, leaving only man and other animal species. It is past time that we began protecting and conserving wolves.

To enforce laws and ethics on the general populace, we should enlist the aid of governmental and non-governmental organizations. The public should immediately begin receiving education about the value of the wolf reservation.

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