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Aug 9, 2023


Investing in My Future Assignment

  1. Develop a one-paragraph summary using the Week 10 Writing Assignment Template [DOC]. Note: Do not use this summary as the introduction to your paper
  2. Think about what you leamed in this course. What are your new financial goals?
  3. Would you like to become more liquid, save more for your retirement, or to start a new business?

Whatever your goals, finance is right at the core. Think about what you learned in this course regarding investing to complete this assignment.


Write a two to three-page paper in which you:

  1. Write an introduction in your own words, based on the content of your paper.
  2. Describe three ways you will invest in your future based on the principles of finance discussed in this course. Include terminology from the course and use citations as necessary 10 support your explanation of the terminology.
  3. Discuss one of the three ways you feel most confident as a way to invest in your future. Explain your level of confidence.
  4. Of the three ways that you will invest in your future, discuss the one that you perceive might be the most challenging. Then, discuss how you might overcome some of those challenges



Les Brown, a Motivational speaker says that on the off chance that we don’t program ourselves life will program us. Putting resources into your future begins now. There are a few significant things we should consider in putting resources into the right market. It’s not hard, it’s threatening yet I feel two inches tall with regard to putting resources into my future. Do individuals inquire as to for what reason would it be a good idea for me to contribute? Indeed, to keep away from less weight on your shoulders later on down the line. I witness other people who were distinct advantages and won. In this class, I have taken the basics of contributing. Permit your coins to work for you.

My monetary objectives will permit me to get my family in the long run. I might want to turn out to be more liquid by contributing my assets to the degree of development, additional time to save something else for my retirement, and appreciating life. My objectives incorporate three surges of pay so that my kids can proceed with my ventures.

Three (3) Ways I Will Invest in My Future 

To begin with, putting resources into building interest is a decent spot to begin. I found in my research that, rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that when requested to name the best invention in mankind’s history, Albert Einstein basically answered: “compound interest.” When it comes to putting resources into building revenue it’s exceptionally well known, in light of the fact that you can acquire interest on your advantage however much you need.

Second, I as of now have property contributed which puts me in the game. Land can be a lifeline with a wonderful return. You have the choice to flip a house or reestablish a house or sell. Likewise, any property can be a possibility for a rental venture. The more one contributes the greater the return. Being a property manager actually has benefits that I really want further down the road. With an income from property, one can never turn out badly.

Third, the stock trade is a major wheel that moves cash to and fro. Consistently, trillion stocks are exchanged from one side of the planet to the other. Therefore, the greater the share the greater the prize. Assuming Twitter has an enormous number of offers from extending or raising finances things will start to gaze upward. Simply be careful it’s a round of offers. On the off chance that Twitter has a decent report, the financial backers will back it up. On the off chance, that Twitter faces a backlash, Twitter will have a sluggish result to sell its portions.

One way I feel exceptionally positive about realizing that this venture will bring an enormous return is assuming I never contact these investments over a long period and permit it to develop. This permits my cash to develop and grow at a repeating rate. It’s a straight line developing at a consistent compounding phenomenon. Persistence is vital. The more you realize the more you’ll develop.

Challenges with Investing in My Future 

The one I see that may be the most difficult is the venture property. My explanation is, most time the houses need additional income to bring the property up to advertising an incentive for somebody and lease or purchase. The opposition is high all over. The investigation recounts the full story which can be a test.

I could deal with a portion of those difficulties by employing a real estate professional who is extremely instructed and experienced. It is justified to do the research and do some homework. Any high-traffic real estate professional who knows the front-to-back end, which can save you a ton of time. As a client, this can be troublesome if you are not curious about the real estate market. Recruit a specialist to do the footwork.


In my conclusion, investing in my future is considered the greatest investment of all. If we must take control now or our lives will control us with no options of our own. Challenging yourself along with an investment expert in order to win is really important. I would like to let my coins work for me. No amount is too small, having the patience to allow the investment to grow. Your family will thank you for making smart decisions based on smart choices. 

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