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ECON 325- Cogent Labs and the Google Cloud Platform

Aug 21, 2023

    Answer the Following……

    “Does Cogent, or any software startup firm acting as an intermediary in this market, have a scalable and sustainable business model?”

    Cogent Labs is launched in Tokyo, Japan, and Jun Linuma and Eric Whiteway founded this company in the year 2014 around October. However, it got started operating in the year 2015 after they hired their engineer and capitalized on the company. Moreover, by the end of the year, 2017 Cogent had started deploying various activities of ML in different areas of their financial sector. Therefore, the company started establishing a sustainable and scalable business model. It had also started using cloud-based software for offering AI-enabled products such as the handwriting recognition tool Tegaki, the natural language understanding engine Kaiduko, and a predictive analytics engine for forecasting the Time Series. The engineer’s forecast at Cogent, both of the cloud services was a success and the company had gained numerous advantages like Google Cloud native support from the open-source system to manage the containerized applications (Kubernetes) and Google Cloud’s superior logging tool.

    “What options does Cogent have for entering and remaining relevant in this market? Should they continue to develop machine learning applications to run on the cloud and to sell to financial service firms? Or should they merge with one of the major cloud providers to custom build their products for financial services clients?”

    To enter and be relevant in the market of Cloud services, Cogent has the option of taking or tying up with the various cloud services providers like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services to enjoy numerous technical advantages. The company can also take the “Big Query” tool which is offered by Google Cloud and is a completely managed, low-cost data warehouse, and a petabyte-scale. For making the company grow, it had viewed both the cloud services providers for its development and had decided not to switch. Because it is easier for managing and optimizing the cloud resources at once. Moreover, it’s unlikely not to seem that Cogent will not use either GCP or AWS for its future development.


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