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ECON 210- Paper Assignment: Gender-related Global Problem

Sep 18, 2023

Paper Assignment

You will write about a gender-related local or global problem as well as a thoughtful and workable response to the problem. An example of an acceptable gender-related global problem is women’s relatively high immigration rates. Many immigrant women leave their young children behind causing strain on the children and extended families. A thoughtful and workable response to this problem is to require employers in developed countries to pay the women enough to allow for the women to bring their young children with them.

Paper Assignment: Gender-related Global Problem


In our society, gender discrimination is a common problem that can lead to a woman falling in danger at any time. Gender equality is a fundamental right that everyone should achieve through individualism in every aspect of life’s challenges. The modern economy cannot grow without gender equality in society because only this thing can provide sustainable economic inclusive growth in the country. Gender equality can recognize the better of our community where the equal contribution of women and men is really important to grow a healthy economy for future generations. The full participation and social contribution of women are really important which can lead to an increase in the economic development of a country. G-20 members have claimed that women’s participation plays a big role in the betterment of a country where the full participation of being a woman is a really important economic and social factor in the economy. G-20 members have set an aim to reduce the gender gap by increasing the women’s labor force participation rate in the economy by 25% in 2025 at the Brisbane summit in 2014 by setting some implementing goals for women’s development like increasing women’s employment and other fruitful services that can increase the quality steps for women in the society (Segal, 2021).

Job Searching conditions:

Digital transformation gives economic women empowerment for the betterment of the society where a woman can increase her job searching criterion at sitting their home only which can reduce the gender gap in a country and increase the benefits of gender equality through women empowerment in a country. The internet, smartphones, and digital financial services in a country can increase the accessibility to starting a new business, provide women to earn income in a new easy way by adopting greater information, and increase employment opportunities in the country. This step can boost economic growth with sustainable development which can lead to increased access to the digital world in a country and foster greater gender equality. A survey report has claimed that in today’s modern world, 327 million women have internet access through their mobile phones which can lead to representing them in ICT jobs, management, and academic careers. The survey report has announced that at the age of 15 years 0.5% of women are getting into an ICT job compared to 5% of boys. Women who are starting up their businesses get 23% less funding than men and a positive exit than a male-owned business in the economy.

A range of factors is responsible for this where digital gender is the important factor that creates a roadmap for digitalization: policies for a digital future introduce the idea of the equitable participation of women in the digital economy (Smith et al. 2021).

Women’s Migration:

In today’s world migration for women is a really important thing because the survey report has claimed that 49% of girls or women are migrating each year based on 2000, United Nations Population Department estimation survey results. The proportion has reached 51% in international migration in the more developmental regions. Women often migrate officially to be dependent or to marry someone. However, many cases have been seen that female migrants are the main parts of the family earners for their families. Many times, most migrant women migrate by their own choice but it has been also seen that girls or women are being forced to migrate from one place to another because of persecution, environmental degradation, and natural disasters which could affect their lives or habitat to live in that place.

The total discussion is based on gender centric and about migration including the decision-making process that leads to increased migration.

Migration name is linked with globalization where it has been found that different region has observed different kinds of inequalities with economic disparities. Still, today’s world is relocating such things to find new economic opportunities in every country. The agenda of 2030, under the sustainable criteria development, suggests many things that refer to the idea of regular and responsible migration which is always safe for society. The agenda has a structure about the features of migration where it has been said that the migration should be stipulated with facilitating order with mobility and implementation of certain plans and well-managed migration policy. Labor migration is important and has already been pointed out by SDG goals where it has been said that the goal of the 2030 agenda is to manage the data structure of the migrated people through adequate policies and investment. The global data is incomplete and fragmentation is there which cannot conclude the history of migrant families, especially children, women, and persons with disabilities.

Migration is gender-specific:

Migration is defined by a certain factor where a woman can be forced to migrate from one place to another because of family pressure or sometimes it can only happen to sue the marriage. Migration is enhanced by certain reasonable factors where socio-cultural issues are the prioritizing factors such as family problems or family decisions where women have to consider those things in both rural and urban areas. Internal and international migration are the same things that can affect family life where social challenges are being faced by the people with a negative impact on the family members like grandparents, siblings, parents, spouse, and children and today the growing concept is the ‘left behind children when a young person in urban areas migrates and leave their children’s (Smith et al. 2021).

Challenges of migration:

There are many challenges a cultural family has to face during the time of migration because migration is the thing that makes a person separate from his or her children, siblings, and parents so they just lose the cultural knowledge of children in case of children and in a new country neighborhood segregation takes place with segregated school and low-quality immigrant families to stay. Therefore, it affects the child’s development system including family separation, traumatic events, changes in the family rules, and loss of social status. The long-term problem in children can be found in regressive behavior and depression and behavioral problems in older children have been noticed in many cases.

Immigration policy in the USA is a controversial topic where the president restricts immigration for some specific countries to implement immigration policies in the country. Therefore, migration is related to women’s empowerment where female earnings are considered the highest-valued one in the country, it has been said that migration of women refers the better opportunities with income-generating opportunities. It has been seen that men are most likely to consider the migration rates but nowadays women also have the migration rates accordingly. Migrating women are considered to have independent behavior but also have household work responsibilities on another side. There is a difference where the women with high wages working with their husbands and migrating women without husbands. The women who are relocating with their husbands but without wage work is the most disadvantaged one in history (Özgür Keysan & Şentürk, 2021).

Migration is the factor where the whole family has suffered from one person’s migration in the country of origin. Gender-specific migration has impacted differently on family members, especially the children’s minds. Gender inequalities with gender-specific migrants are the most substantial things in world history where it has been noted that gender relations and gender-specific migrants create gender inequalities in migrant women. Sometimes, the laws and regulations in a country affect migrant women. Domestic worker women who are working as unauthorized workers their situation is vulnerable in the country and they actually don’t have any protection and feel abused by the higher authority. Migrant women observed social discrimination with gender inequality, based on the labor market segmentation the migrant women received less amount of wage rates. Women are contributing to their country through their skills and competencies and after gaining some experience they are able to migrate to other countries to prove themselves. But the true act is migrating women is deprecating in many ways in the country, where refugee women and girls are displaced to other places where they do not get any security and feel abused in another country (Bullock et al. 2020).

Government law about Migration:

In the USA, it has been estimated that in the country approximately 21 million immigrant women are living here, where they are coming from different sides of the world. in the USA, most immigrant women have participated in the labor force but many women are undervalued because they face challenges in the workforce due to a lack of work-family infrastructure, and lack of access to legal status. They have enough contributed to the US economy, and the top five industries where immigrant women in America are mostly working are educational services, social and health care services, food services, trade, and manufacturing services. They played a very important role in cooking and food services as a worker with significant hurdles. they are continuing to sacrifice in the workforce sector as well as in front of their family. they are facing language constraints in the new country which is another struggle for them. Many immigrants are struggling with the foreign language which makes them uncomfortable and feel communication barriers in their workplace. sometimes immigrants and refugee women face abuse, violence, and humiliation by their community.


In order to sum up everything it can be said that women are migrating nowadays very frequently to protect tier families by giving their families financial assistance. In many countries, governments are making many advisable decisions to take care of the matter where women are kept in safe positions. But it can be said that the government must take some effective steps towards the women security who are migrating to other countries. With the process of migration, different countries can get different cultural introductions full of the essence of culture. Women are the carriers of the cultural framework hence, the process can give any country cultural knowledge which is very helpful to grow economically, and culturally for a country. the migration process is totally gender-dependent so we must be more careful to keep the process the same regardless the gender.


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