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ECN 6000- Week 5 Discussion

Aug 29, 2023

Assess the impact the Guggenheim Museum had on the Basque region. What do you think were two of the greatest risks of that project? Can you think of an American city that went through similar challenges of post-industrial transformations?

In general, your successful initial submission should fully answer the question(s) set forth by the instructor: should be at least eight sentences long; be thoughtful, organized, and supported with appropriate citations as needed; Be concise, but with enough information to fully cover the topic; and Be grammatically correct and well-written.


The importance of the Guggenheim Museum and its impact on the Basque region

The Guggenheim Museum is one of the most influential museums with a fine defining example of modern architecture and the implementations of the new technologies of “space architecture” and the “doomed skylight theme” (Glas, 1997, p.100).  Similarly it is also known for a great on the Basque region as it helped regain the former position of the Basque region and the Bilbao country. It is greatly invested economically and attracts tourists for more than four years which helped gain the tourism culture and millions of visitors from all over the world continue to explore its beauty and further technological implementations in the museum (Plaza, 2000, p.267). This museum also helped others progressive features to achieve the acknowledgement of modern museums and other developed flourishing architectures and space technological instruments. 

The two major risks of the Guggenheim Museum project in the city

The two major mentioned directly influenced the economical misbalance in the country due the great project of the city. The first major economical misbalance is the huge increasing debt due to the manufacturing process of the museum. As a small country, the huge investment of the inauguration process of the museum architectures and the implementations of space technologies greatly left an impact on the economy of the city which also influenced the other financial equipmentimplementationarchitecturein and the import, and exportation of the systematic developments of the city (Muschamp, 1997, p.56). The next mentionable risk of the project is the increasing budget of this replica which questioned the great minds due to its manoeuvre style of the chosen project as it is a great risk to present the idea of the museum for the first time.

Personal review and the same situational effect on American society

According to my review, the economic post-industriaeconomicto economic influence after the post-industrialacknowledgmentotherhas attractedhas been, transformation really made a huge change in the economic situation of the Basque region. Although my research suggests that the American society would not face the same conditions after this transformation due to its developing economy I would surely say that it would leave an impact on the cultural diversity of America.


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