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DS 675- Article Summary

Sep 12, 2023

  1. Read the article titled ‘Can You Really Improve Your Emotional Intelligence?’ ( and do the following:
  2. Summarize the article in your own words
  3. Comment on its contents                          

Article Summary

The article talks about how people across the world can achieve high emotional intelligence in their lives. It says that IQ matters the most in order to live a happy and successful life, the same way EQ (Emotional quotient) is also equally important. Hence everyone desires to achieve a higher satisfaction level of emotional intelligence and gain success. Different studies published over the past years have revealed that high emotional intelligence or emotional quotient tends to enhance and bring success in their careers and develop entrepreneurial potential, healthy relationship satisfaction, leadership talent, happiness, and humor. Even it is also believed that high EQ is one of the great antidotes for reducing work stress in all kinds of jobs. It is because all kinds of jobs whether small or big involves dealing with individuals, and it is shown that peoples who have high EQ are attracted and can deal with customers and client reliably. Since the introduction of EQ, there are nearly 3000 articles that had been published on emotional quotient, and from that, there are majorly 5 points to be considered in EQ.

The level of EQ is firm, but not rigid        

People’s ability to identify and manage things on their own as per others’ emotions is stable over a time period which is influenced by their childhood experiences and genetics. However, it does not mean that people cannot change this fact, however for long-term improvements, it requires the greatest deal of dedication and guidance. As a result, people can change their EQ easily, however, some of them are seriously trying.

Good training programs are effective       

The high EQ is achievable, however only with well-designed coaching interventions. As per reports, the coaching interventions can achieve around 25% improvement in emotional intelligence. Moreover, the article talks about how different meta-analyses have suggested that people need to work highly on their interpersonal skills to achieve a high EQ level. This aspect of the EQ provides around 50% improvements.

It can only be improved if it gets the accurate feedback

The next point on which the article focuses is improving the feedback process. It underlines that providing accurate feedback is one of the effective EQ coaching aspects that frames a good and reliable coaching program (Chamorro-Premuzic, 2013). The recent meta-analysis conducted shows that there is a relationship between the self and other ratings It means that people don’t have any idea of how smart they are, however, they still know how nice they are.

Techniques are more competent than others

There are various techniques that are proven to be more useful in enhancing the emotional quotient and the techniques fall under the world of cognitive behavioral theory. The therapy attempts to enhance psychological flexibility, relaxation, and meditation.

Some people are more coachable than others      

As everyone knows, a person doing good and delivering the best for one might not be good for another. However, this article highlights that higher EQ holds the ability to enhance coachability. On the other, if people possess low EQ, they need to research high coachability.

Article Comment

I find the article to be very awesome and it delivers a good piece of knowledge about the benefits of a high EQ. It is a good article to review and read if one wants to know about emotional intelligence and what to consider in this phenomenon. The author of the article has done a splendid job of delivering it.


Chamorro-Premuzic, T (2013). Can You Really Improve Your Emotional Intelligence? Retrieved on 02nd December 2022, from:

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