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ITT 307- TOPIC 2 DISCUSSION 1: Online Podcasts about Security

Aug 4, 2023

Many security vendors and researchers now post regular online podcasts about security. Locate and listen to at least three different podcasts concerning the security field. Give a brief summary of each podcast. What did you learn? Would you consider this author again in the future? Why or why not? Would you recommend them to another student?

Topic 2 Discussion 1

Podcasts are digital audio files that are easily found on different internet sources and can be downloaded to any device ( mobile or computer) and the users can easily listen and gain knowledge on their desired topics. The best resource to develop a familiarity with the digital information technology world is cyber security podcasts as the listeners will be gained with many latest new hackers, any type of digital attacks, and safety techniques. (Burley, 2021). Cyber security podcasts are the easiest way to submerge us in the World of SecOps (i.e. software development philosophy and development).Cyber security. There are many podcasts given by people from different universities, and research organizations linked with cyber security and related security threats. After listening to many podcasts these can be summarized as follows:

The very recent cyber security podcasts are:

The company must not always follow rules to make cybersecurity possible that also does not imply that the company can break the rules. Most employees working in the company are aware of their organization’s cyber security policies but still break the rules for not understanding the rules properly.
Most employees in an IT company use nonorganizational applications to transfer data and many employees use their personal laptops to do the work. It is clearly understood from here that though the company is bound by the rules data can be still attacked due to such unaware activities.

Researchers say that artificial intelligence is the basis for cyber security. Some organization still believes that their loss occurs due to investment in cyber security. So, many cyber security professionals will be appointed in organizations. Some organizations avoid encryption to be the worst-case scenario for threat.

From the above podcasts, we can say most of the risks are due to human errors. Yes, this author’s podcasts are really good and knowledgeable. Still, there are some good podcasts I can recommend like Michael Bazzell. These podcasts will help others if they want to study a bit deeper in cyber security.


Burley, D. (2021). The Future of Cyber: Educating the Cybersecurity Workforce (Podcast Series). Carnegie-Mellon University.

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