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CYB 320- Topic 1 Discussion 2: Cryptographic Protocols

Aug 25, 2023

What are cryptographic protocols and why are they necessary? How is our wireless data protected? Support your answer with evidence.

Topic 1 Discussion 2: Cryptographic Protocols

Cryptographic protocols are synchronous programs that interconnect using public channels such as the Internet to attain some security-related aim. Cryptography is presumed to be flawless; that is, the aggressor is only capable of carrying out cryptographic operations when in control of the needed keys (Blanchet, 2021).

Cryptographic protocols are protocols that use cryptography. They have to ensure that no one will be capable of obtaining acquiring the extra knowledge and acquiring more advantages than was planned in their algorithms. Cryptographic protocols involve various kinds of encryption, text verification, or key unity algorithms.

Cryptographic protocols supply safe connections, allowing two groups to interact with solitude and data integrity.

Encrypting the wireless data averts someone who might be capable to acquire the system from watching it. Many encryption protocols are within easy reach to come up with this protection. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), WPA2, and WPA3 encode information being passed on between wireless routers and remote or wireless devices.

Steps to know whether the wireless data is protected or not

  • Letting the Network and Sharing Centre be opened.
  • Clicking the Manage Wireless Networks option.
  • The Manage Wireless Networks page opens. It displays a list consisting of the networks that are within range
  • Next to the network name, if it shows Security: WEP or Security: WPA2, then the network is protected.


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