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LST 370- Discussion Questions

Aug 26, 2023

Answer the following……

Question 1

The impact of social science as a category of discipline interest and their service function

The fundamental values of social science indicate the social behavior of human nature and this natural statement value also impacts the interaction of behavioral, and political influences and the proper scrutinization of governmental policies along with democratic rights and equality. Even its service actions suggest the verbal actions and commencements on the constitutional values of an individual.

The measurement of accurate research in social science development

An accurate social science development research is usually based on the proper data analysis and this data analysis must be appropriate and properly based on accurate hypothesis data observation. This observation mostly highlights four types of divisional scales ratio scale, nominal scale, ordinal scale, and interval scale to figure out the accuracy percentage.

The differences between quantitative and qualitative forms of research

Although both forms like quantitative and qualitative forms are part of the research paper both parts are very different forms and highlight different data styles. The quantitative part highlights the numerical values of the statistical data analysis but the qualitative form reflects on the theories and implemented ideas.

Examples of quantitative and qualitative forms of research along with the weaknesses

One of the most effective example forms of the quantitative research base is the raw data analysis with the appropriate graph data and one of the most effective example forms of the qualitative forms of research is the based theory. However improper data findings and wrong presentations are the major weaknesses of this ground study.

Question 2

A small discussion on ASU’s Medical Genetics Project at Havasupai

According to a recent news analysis, the old native of Arizona state, Havasupai tribe has found that the medical researchers of Arizona State University took their blood sample in the name of a diabetes test but utilized it for their research purpose which is linked with genetic development. After this truth revelation, the tribal people raised their voices against it.

A general lesson from this incident

According to various opinions, this incident highlights the violation of personal acts raises the question of ethical values of human nature, and highlights the discrimination of people because of their tribal identity.

 Ethical learning from this incident

According to the social philosophical values, the ethical learning of this research data shows the violation of moral values of human nature and highlights the antonymous sight of the characteristic quality of human behavioral changing dynamics.

The developed challenges of a multi-interest research team

Several issues are being  faced by the multi-interest research team as they focus on several fields of interest and often are misled by the successive nature and ambitious mindset. Furthermore, they also often face various conflicts and external problems during their research period sometimes even they face inner conflicts among team members.
Personal opinion on the subject matter

If I consider my personal opinion, I would like confess that these problems can be resolved if we concentrate on the focused topic and do not break any ethical law which may cause the topic of violation and considered to be illegal and the incident raises the questions on ethics.

Question 3

In this research paper, I would like to choose to two professions one is therapist and the other one is human resource specialist. Furthermore, I would also like to analyze e few factors as a research thesis on social science and development.

Therapist – As per my previouslyspecialists chosen topic, my first listed professional background is a therapist. As we all know the professional value of “therapist” highlights the concept of cure for any disease whether it can be mental or physical even in some cases it can be both. As a therapist, it is important to understand the core of the disease and analyze the reason for the disease in that person.

Human resource specialist – As per my second choice, my second listed professional background is human resource specialist. As we all know human resource specialists play a vital role in any organization in choosing the right people for the beneficial factor, even they also create various policies in the organization for the welfare of the company. Furthermore, as a human resource specialists, they filter the employees with the best behavioralmethod presentation.

Two exemplary research method for the implemented idea on the chosen occupation

If I start to implement some research ideas and methods on the chosen exemplary jobs or occupation, I would take two major forms like one to one interview method and the other one is the focus groups and both these ideas highlight the primary qualitative and primary quantitative facts about the research methods.

One-to-one interview – I have chosen this idea of research and will reflect this idea on the human resource background as this post has some power to conduct the discussed research method topic. Furthermore, this process highlights an interview session between one interviewee and one interviewer or the human resource specialist in the organization. It mainly focuses on the behavioral changes of ithe nterviewee.

Focus groups – I have chosen this idea of research and will reflect this particular idea on the therapist’sfocus background and mainly focuses the interview session with similar personalities of a group. In that group discussion, the therapist will particularly implement the idea of scrutinizing behavioral behavioraltherapist’spla changes in that group.

Question 4

This part of the discussed analysis paper particularly highlights the implanted social structure in the environment of the all, and as per the book, it particularly suggests “many implemented new commercial facilities and even the analyzed critical policies” that also shows the number of desired shoppers and their executed plans. Furthermore, as the question suggested to create a hypothesis situation, my shopping mall would fulfill the all needs of amenities for both suburbanites and urban lives.  Furthermore, it will also include an auditorium, dance rooms, music rooms, and others.

Although each individual presents personal experiences these experiences are just a reflection of different “disciplinary interests”. One of the most significant “disciplinary interests” is the execution of a  central plan which also demands the visualization involvement of different commercials. Even in my shopping mall, many shoppers have faced such issues as their commercial arrangements as it also needs particular laws and regulations for establishing the factor of particular systematic behaviors. Even the next issue my mall faced was a great personal experience in my working space. The improper balance of customer records which also showed various data readings about the entry and the sales often led me toward bad profit.

Question 5

The next required question suggests reflecting on a particular theory and I have chosen the theory of the institutional development theory which particularly shows the discrimination among genders over the years and eras. Furthermore, it also gives a reflection on the major topics like economic, political, and social development.

The identified weakness of this theory –

One of the most common weaknesses in this theory is the flaws in the Integrating conceptions of interest-driven behaviour which highlights the power and problems of organizational conflicts. Furthermore, it also highlights the overlap of organizational situations and it is often being ignored by the organizational manager. It also highlights the organizational value among the employees.

The fact of consideration order to enlighten beyond the actual theory definition

The institutional development theory also highlights such issues as sociological theorizing and critical analysis of the ongoing discrimination of people about their gender, cast, and race. Furthermore, it suggests the governance structure and also the social structural conduct.

An exemplary other disciplinary perspective to define the theory 

If we take a glance at the conducted theory, I would like to explain one of the disciplinary perspectives is the increasing pressure of “homogeneity of organizational structures” in the organizational changing dynamics of cultural values of organizational change and regulatory formation and it also reflects on the matter like illustrated diagram of social and regulatory forces. Furthermore, it also suggests the constant changes of institutional effect which indirectly leave an impact on the flourishing factor of the utilization of resources and these resources suggest the “bidirectional shape and the multidirectional shape”. Although the sociological institutional and privatization even the management process also defines the rational choices of the organizational process. Although this implemented theoretical part also suggests the influential behavior changes in the companies.

Two modes of inquiry for explaining the detailed process 

Two modes of inquiry have been used in the process of this research-based paper, one is the hypothesis and the other one is one to one-to-one interview session which helped me to of complete the analysis. Even I have implanted the hypothesis inquiry process to determine the process to set the parameter and the process of the one-to-one interview also helped me to figure out the systematic figures about the research paper.

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