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GOVT 459- “The Last Acceptable Prejudice.”

Aug 16, 2023

Can you give me some insights about “The Last Acceptable Prejudice”?

“The Last Acceptable Prejudice.” 

The Last Acceptable Prejudice mainly focuses on the fact that states that there are potential positive and negative impacts of the Criminal Justice System. The comparative study focuses on the negative impact of the criminal justice system because this is mainly based on the challenges that are persistent in society, with a high level of violence and criminal activity that enhances the responses to the criminal behavior that pervades the society. Apart from this, the Old Testament referring to the Criminal Justice System also gives a detailed idea about the corruption and violence taking place against women and children, everywhere without giving proper civil liberties. Isaiah 53:9 and Genesis 49:5 mainly delved into the instrument to reduce crime and violence to gain divinity (Bible Gateway. com, 2022).  

The central argument of More God, Less Crime is based on creating motivation based on the individual, to learn about the faith based on the individual while creating transformation to reduce crime while improving the criminal justice system.  Thus, Johnson advises covert Christianity within the workplace because he tries to give emphasize stress within the workplace while restoring the process of work. Thus, I do not agree with Johnston’s advice because religious practices shall never be kept hidden within the workplace, especially in the case of Christianity. After all, this helps the workers to be motivated while at work.   

In this context, compared with the idea classical schools utilize philosophies that try to understand why people are trying to break the law. Apart from this, in the case of positivist schools mainly uses science. Therefore, positivism is likely to be a factor that affects juveniles as well as adults based on employment, poverty, culture, and health.  

The strategies suggested to the schools are to provide proper education to reduce the payoff while reducing the means of action and discussion of the use of arms or bearing guns. Apart from this, providing proper surveillance to the students. In this context, the bible states that changes within the crime control system in school shall be undergone through environmental changes, as well as setting a rule to prevent crime within the society.          

As compared with Bern’s biblical model which consisted of three models with three-component. Hence, the jurisdiction consideration mainly develops a detailed idea based on the Civil Government, within the context of the jurisdiction (Bern, 1995). Moreover, apparent knowledge with a jurisdictional consideration based on the component with an indecisive question that Civil Government with jurisdiction to act. Therefore, this can be concluded that positivism geared toward the uniform offender distinguishes criminal conduct from Classical school focus on retribution. Therefore, Christianity plays a significant role, that helps to reduce the crime rate to mitigate criminal behavior.    


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