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Aug 16, 2023

Policy Propostal: Stating Goals and Identifying Outcomes Assignment Instructions


For this assignment, you will create a public policy proposal that addresses a cantonal justice problem. Your public policy proposal will be completed utilizing a seven-part/seven-week drafting method beginning with the identification of a specific criminal justice problem and concluding with your proposed public policy solution. You will choose a specific criminal justice topic (Ideally, a topic that you are passionate about.) and you will then closely examine that problem and then apply planned change through public policy planning, implementation, and outcomes assessment.  


  • You will write two to four-page sub-part drafts for each public policy section.
  • Excluded from this length (title page, abstract, reference section, etc.)
  • Your final cumulative policy proposal will be fourteen to twenty-eight pages.
  • Your assignment will include references to the course textbooks and will also incorporate a biblical worldview.
  • Each subsection will include citations to a minimum of two sources in addition to citations to relevant Scripture.
  • Apply APA, seventh edition.
  • Acceptable additional sources include scholarly articles published within the last ten years.

Answer these questions for this assignment:

  • Write goal statements, specifying the general outcome to be obtained. Goals are abstract statements of purpose.
  • Write specific outcome objectives for each goal. Unlike goals, objectives are specific and measurable statements of intended outcomes. Each objective should include a time frame for measuring impact, a target population, a key result intended, and a specific criterion or a measure of impact.
  • Seek participation from different individuals and agencies in goal setting. Goal setting that includes a broad range of stakeholders helps to ensure that interventions receive broad support and that potential resistance to the selected goal is minimized.
  • Identify compatible and incompatible goals in the larger system. Where do the goals of different stakeholders overlap or conflict?
  • Identify needs and opportunities for interagency collaboration. Whose cooperation and participation are needed to achieve the goals of this program or policy?
  • Specify an impact model. Successful interventions target the causes of problems, not the problems themselves. An impact model is an explanation of how the intervention will affect the causes and, consequentially, how changes.

Policy Propostal: Stating Goals and Identifying Outcomes Assignment Instructions


The U.S. is marked to be ranked at the top list to gather the knowledge that this is the worst nation to have a developed industry of human trafficking.  Thus, to overcome this notion, several initiatives are taken up by the agencies to help people from being kidnapped or formed into modern slaves. 

This paper mainly addresses human trafficking which is one of the significant topics based in the criminal justice system. Human trafficking has to be mitigated which is the aim of this analysis, with the help of the law enforcement officers within the communities globally. Thus, this analysis mainly focuses on the criminal justice professionals at the state level and the federal level to shape their policy while implementing programs to reduce the reoccurrences of human trafficking and support the victims.

Goals to overcome the issue

One of the significant criminal justice problems faced by today’s generation is human trafficking which is increasing at a deliberate rate while hampering the lives of people associated with human trafficking. Therefore, the main goal of this analysis is to reduce the count of human trafficking, while the recent report by the United States Department States has roughly measured that about 24.9 million children, women, and men worldwide are victims of forced labor or have been facing sexual exploitation. While the United States is recognized to be one of the most exploited nations which can be ranked to be the worse country in the world to form modern time slavery.

Moreover, this analysis is mainly based on the topic, where I can write about my opinion to reduce modern-day slavery or sexual exploitation by reducing human trafficking. Therefore, schools have to introduce a proper education process so that they can encourage healthy behavior and develop proper relationships. Hence, developing safe homes along with identifying vulnerabilities during the health care visit. While I shall request the government and the police department to be alert enough so that they can help others to reduce human trafficking and shall even demand to reduce the commercial advertisement related to sexual scenes. On the other hand, dissolving business properly or learning about the gangs that are associated with human-related transactions (Johnson, 2011).           

Biblical objectives on the current criminal justice problem:

Objectives stated that human traffickers are denied by society as this can be addressed as one of the forms of modern slavery. Therefore, Congress has passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, which is designed under Federal Law to protect the victims who have been facing sex or labor trafficking and prosecute traffickers so that they can prevent human trafficking in the United States.

Thus, the main goal of the analysis is to motivate the steps to introduce the Anti-trafficking Movement which is targeting and dismantling the trafficking schemes and shall evolve the victims who are traumatized by their present situation. Thus, initiating programs based on the anti-trafficking movement and giving proper education to all the people around, and stopping income or employment from human trafficking shall reduce the people falling into the trap of modern-day slavery which happens in the case of the male dominant, while in case of girls and women they are often projected to be prostitutes or escorts of people. Therefore, people have been facing this horrific nature of society after they are trafficked, in exchange for money. Moreover, the government and the police have to be more regulatory so that they can take up measures to prevent human trafficking (Merlo & Benekos, 2000).  Apart from this law enforcement shall advocate the warnings while increasing the educational programs and taking measures to stop human trafficking. Compared with the text of the Bible which has to say plenty about human trafficking, before, men were put to be slaves and had to face several difficulties and a terrible lifestyle.

While measuring the demography, this can be idealized those children, females, and men of the society are the targeted ones who often had to face human trafficking. Being targeted once, every often-male people the slaves to modern-day people, while females have to act as prostitutes. Therefore, Bible denotes that God cares about justice and equality along with the freedom of the people who have to participate by force in exchange for money. Therefore, the primary goal of God’s son, Jesus was to reunite everyone. In the case of Isaiah 61:1 which states that human trafficking is proclaimed to be one of the horrific and heinous jobs taking place globally- Isaiah 61:1: “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound;”. Moreover, taking up these initiatives shall help to reduce the count of human trafficking while helping lives to get settled down and can be free from human trafficking (Focus on the Family. com, 2021).  

An agency involved in rescuing the victims:

Destiny Rescue is one of the crucial Christian-based nonprofit organizations that try to rescue children and women from being human trafficked. The mission of the organization is to set up an Internal anti-sex trafficking organization to rescue children from human trafficking and being involved in sexual exploitation. Therefore, this organization has several places to reduce human trafficking mainly towards children, as it is considered in the Bible that it is one of the most heinous crimes taking place globally. Therefore, since the period of 2011, they are deprived of supporters who have rescued more than 2,000 vulnerable and traumatized pupils, who got caught being present in the sex industry (Walden University. edu, 2019).

The organization aims to stop human trafficking which allows human trafficking to be stopped. As this organization gives special education facilities and develops programs in schools and churches while training the volunteers so that they can advocate and join the trip to restore the children and the women, who are victims of human trafficking. Therefore, Destiny Rescue takes up the salesforce to monitor and communicate with the people who are often human trafficked.  

They are deprived of the intervention to seek information from their database to understand how children and females along with men are rescued to be facing human trafficking. Even in the modern days, males are kept as slaves while females are often introduced to the sex industry, or involve themselves to be considered as prostitutes. Therefore, destiny rescue has been reporting about the fact that operates within the organization to help and facilitate human trafficking victims. Recent studies state that more than 100,000 children have been put into the sex industry, as they are found based on financial aid. Alternatively, this has been proved that by the end of 2020, many ambitious plans were dissolved with the efforts that were made to accomplish the objectives to create careful planning, that has doubled the rescue of human trafficked children and women, by 31st December 2020. Thus, this can be focused that they are well, known to be achieving their goals, to remove human trafficking worldwide.      

The conflicted goals of the organization:

The compatible ideas to learn about human trafficking occurs the perpetrators are often referred to as the traffickers taking any action while employing the means to force, fraud, and coercion with the purpose to compel the victims to provide a commercial sex act and the labor to provide services at the household. As a criminal act, trafficking violates the rule of law, threatening national jurisdictions and international law. Apart from this, based on the incompatible goals are based on the organizational goal to learn about the incompatible goals faced by the human traffickers. This is one of the world’s shameful crimes that have been affecting the lives of millions of people around the world as well as robbing the dignity of the people. Therefore, traffickers are often women, men, and children and the goal of the organization is to mitigate the arrival of the exploitative situation on a regular note in exchange for money.

The goal of the organization stands for human trafficking, but only in case of the children. Hence, being a Christian organization, the ideas might overlap with the ideas given by the other organization. Churches and other Christian associates are associated with Destiny Rescue which is trying the aid the people, especially the children, who are suffering from human trafficking.  

Collaborations made by the agency

The needs and collaboration created by the organization are mainly based on the development of a database to understand how many people are attacked and made forced laborers. They play an important mechanism to remove all the unlawful redistribution of national wealth, corrupted political power, and other societal relations. Thus, their efforts are to take an effort to acute in countries responding about the policing, and the involvement of the law enforcement to understand the nature of human traffickers. Thus, the organization mainly stands in corresponding to the challenges faced by Governments and the legal police who are reporting about human trafficker creators. In this context, the organization is trying to take up its goals to increasingly be recognized human trafficking and reduce it on a global basis.

The model to implement changes:

the model of Action-means-Purpose Model mainly focuses to describe the problems and sorting out the people from human trafficking. As mentioned in the book of “Deuteronomy 27:19: “Cursed be anyone who perverts the justice due to the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.” (Focus on the Family. com, 2021). These elements are mainly based on recruiting, harboring against constituting sex trafficking while advertising about the individual. Means is mainly incorporated with coercion while withholding about the contract fraud, or the threats about the psychological manipulation and learn document confiscation. Thus, the main purpose the to learn about the labor and the service provider who participate in children and women to participate in sexual orientation, apart from the children under the age of 18, in exchange for money.


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