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Aug 14, 2023

Policy Proposal: Collecting and Analyzing Data Assignment Instructions


For this assignment, you will create a public policy proposal that addresses a current criminal justice problem. Your public policy proposal will be completed utilizing a seven-part/seven-week drafting method beginning with the identification of a specific criminal justice problem and concluding with your proposed public policy solution. You will choose a specific criminal justice topic (Ideally, a topic that you are passionate about.) and you will then closely examine that problem and then apply planned change through public policy planning, implementation, and outcomes assessment.  


  • You will write two to four-page sub-part drafts for each public policy section.
    • Excluded from this length (title page, abstract, reference section, etc.)
  • Your final cumulative policy proposal will be fourteen to twenty-eight pages.
  • Your assignment will include references to the course textbooks and will also incorporate a biblical worldview.
  • Each subsection will include citations to a minimum of two sources in addition to citation to relevant Scripture.
  • Apply APA, seventh edition.
  • Acceptable additional sources include scholarly articles published within the last ten years.

Answer these questions for this assignment:

  • Collect and analyze data to define what the problem is, where it is, how big it is, and who is affected by it. What evidence of the problem exists?
  • How long has the problem existed? How has it changed over time?
  • What causes the problem? What theories do we have? The intervention must target one or more specific causes supported by research.
  • Examine previous interventions that have tried to change this problem, identify the most promising interventions, and choose a preferred intervention approach. We need to analyze available information to direct decisions about a possible course of action.
  • Do different groups of people have different definitions of the problem? Who is affected by the problem?
  • Conduct research on the system within which the problem exists, and determine how the system may create, contribute to, or maintain the problem.
  • Who is likely to support a certain course of action, and who is likely to resist it?

Policy Proposal: Collecting and Analyzing Data Assignment

Answer these questions for this assignment:

1. Analysis of the data

Here, I have selected the problems to be sexual offenders as the criminal justice topic, because collecting data based on the topic shows that this is the criminal attempt taking place on a high ratio. Moreover, sex offenders are criminals who have been committing brutal sexual acts with girl children under age, with women, and even transgenders, while involving them in sexual attempts, by force, or treating them with threats against nonconsenting persons. The sexual offense is truly a big event that hampers the emotions of a person and can push the women to fall victim to anxiety and frustration that can deprive them to become frustrated and attempt suicidal attempts, as most of the police act brutally against rape cases. Therefore, the victims, who are raped are mostly affected. Thus, programs are taking place, along with care homes are developed so that these females or children with early pregnancy after incest or sexual threats can overcome their problems. As the scripture mentioned, rape is one of the gruesome disorders done by the male of society and is regarded as a sin.

Sexual violence remains a serious social problem for ages, and it has devastating consequences. The evidence of the problem exists in reports made under forensic reports. That is in case of the child abuse, where the sex offenders fixed their regression, with threats making the children their targets. Rapists are usually actively participating in ding rapes even prostitutes which can eventually make them die, due to the brutal behavior done towards them (Johnson, 2011). Apart from this, male counterparts can be considered as the main culprits committing sexual assault on the people, implementing power assertions, or sadistic situations. The Internet can be considered to be another problem, because, this develops an impulsive nature among the male, which fuels their sexual interest, which creates a disseminating image of the female character, creating a problem to develop them into sexual offenders.     

2. Evaluation of the existence of the problem and how it changed:

Sexual violence is one of the significant health disorders in the United States as this has been continuing for a very long time. This has been happening to decrease the existing problem. Therefore, the public organizations and the non-governmental organizations are taking up the initiatives to reduce the number of raped victims, while spreading awareness. Here, I shall select a non-profit organization namely, RAINN who takes up the initiatives to mitigate the problem and change the criminal justice system. While RAINN and other organizations are taking up initiatives that have helped the system to be converted where the police are taking up the responsibility to look for the criminals so that the victims can get justice (Welsh & Harris, 2016). Hence, in my opinion, I would state that the system has taken a wide turn, over some time.     

3. The main problem

Evaluation on the criminal justice topic, based on learning often the sexual offender, I have evaluated the fact, where can mention that there are certain situational factors or habitual factors, or mental conditions that can cause people to think differently, causing them to think brutally, and can deliberately create a situation which is gruesome for the inno0cent female victims, who are not a part of their story. In this context, I have eventually learned that sexual offenses done by people who have been facing rejection, loss of a relationship, business, and other things can trigger to commit sexual abuse in adolescents. As these instincts trigger them to behave aggressively (Johnson, 2011).

The theory which can be implemented to control the situation is the Quadripartite Model of Sexual Aggression, which mainly focuses on the sexual aggression behavior taking place against the female adults which is increasing and developing to be a serious social problem. Thus, this model helps to take a heterogeneity about the sexual aggressor based on the accounts to learn about the prominence of potential etiological factors. Apart from this, the different components of the model, mainly seek information, on the psychology based on sexual arousal. As a result, this theory tells us about justifying sexual aggression and helps one to reduce sexually aggressive behavior.   

4. Preventive Intervention Measures:

The most promising interventions to remove sexual assaults are as follows:

School-Based Preventive Programs: Preventive interventions are the efforts that largely consisted of school-based programs that are deprived of conflicted mediation, violence prevention as well as sexual violence. Sexual assault and rape education shall be given within the college campuses, to spread the knowledge about rape and incest which can be so brutal.   

Roles of media: After the intervention of the internet, social media, and public media campaigns are mounted to be one of the significant platforms to get justice. Therefore, the help of the advertising council’s public education campaign shows the threat one often gets from their intimate partner. Thus, television, Facebook, YouTube, and other media sides have developed so strongly that can reach the knowledge of all people at a quick rate, which is often examined through advertisements (Johnson, 2011). Therefore, Television programs, or conveying the message through social media are really important that help one to be potential enough, to spread the anti-violence message.

Deterrence:  This is one of the significant and promising preventive measures, based on the threat of criminal justice for violent behavior, based on the thought preventive intervention. Moreover, the deterrence theory established by the criminal justice field, suggests increasing the deterrent effect. Therefore, deterrence helps in building up an arrest for the increasing rate of rapes, with law enforcement, with protection considered to be a preventive intervention.   

5. Evaluating the sufferer of the problem

I think, this is true that different groups of people have different definitions to understand the problems, done by the sex offenders. Therefore, girls or female, even underaged children of the society is mostly affected by the problems. This can cause the police to not make any proper investigation, while the adolescent child often gets an early pregnancy which is very depressive for the child, and can make her female pathetic for the rest of her life. Therefore, intervention measures can be taken place so that the victims can get justice and no other women shall fall into the trap of threat from sexual assault, at the workplace, at home, or while passing by the road.   

6. Research the system of the existing problem to determine and maintain the problem

Rape avoidance entails strategies to be used for women that can minimize the risk of sexual assault. Therefore, police require to be alert enough to monitor the happenings taking place with children, adult females, and some men. Therefore, implementing strategies and avoidance techniques are required to reduce the risk for women of being sexually assaulted. Thus, the system needs to be created with the implementation of the government, so that the people can get aware of the situation. While implementing proper intervention prevention methods, proper monitoring done by the police, and education given to the people at school shall help to restrict women from being attracted. Therefore, RAINN being a non-profit organization is available 24/7 with their hotline number, to provide help to the people who are victims of rape. 

7. RAINN supports the course of action

RAINN is taking up the initiative step ahead to take action for the course, based on National Network in America to reduce sexual assault. This is one of the largest organizations in the United States that takes up the initiative to take a stand against rape, abuse, incest, or any domestic violence taking place with any women, based on sexual attempts (Welsh & Harris, 2016). Thus, they are associated with the Department of Defense, while ensuring the perpetrators bring justice to the victims so that they can get back their previous life. Apart from this, RAINN develops the idea to educate the public, and giving out consulting services.  


Johnson, B. (2011). More God, less crime: Why faith matters and how it could matter more. Templeton Foundation Press.

Welsh, W. N., & Harris, P. W. (2016). Criminal justice policy and planning: Planned change. Routledge.

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