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CRJ201-Discussion-Water resource issues in the Arzaville area

Jul 27, 2023


    Imagine that you are a resident of Arzaville, a community whose characteristics are described below. You have come together with your neighbors for a special meeting to devise a plan for managing its water resources more sustainably by 2050. Water resource issues the community faces include ensuring a safe and sustainable drinking water supply for all, handling its wastewater in a manner that has a minimal environmental impact, and managing its stormwater runoff in a way that minimizes the risks of erosion and flooding.

    Fortunately, you have all attended the meeting with the knowledge that you have gained from your readings in this course. Now it is time to put your thinking cap on and get to work! Your ideas should each consist of one of the following elements, depending upon what you think is Arzaville’s area of greatest need:

    • Sustainable drinking water access measures (e.g., developing a program for rural residents. to begin collecting and treating their rainwater for drinking use).
    • Sustainable wastewater management measures (e.g., collecting greywater from area residences for use in irrigating a local golf course).
    • Stormwater management measures (e.g., requiring that permeable pavement be used for all future development projects in the community).

    This week’s discussion will take place in an online app called Tricider. There, you will be able to post


    Discussion: Water resource issues in the Arzaville area  

    I have researched that from the Arzaville I have gathered the notion that they are facing severe threats to the water resources. Apart from this, I would even like to mention that as the place is based on tourism which is their main source of revenue, because of the place’s scenic beauty, they often face water scarcity which is likely to be one of the biggest issues that the community has to face. Apart from this, I would like to mention about its population, which is 32,4300, at a growth level of 4.7%. Thus, this place is like an inlet, so it is 56 feet above sea level. Apart from this, their main source of water is groundwater and river water. Thus, those are actually not that suitable for drinking (Pille & Säumel 2021).

    An increase in the population, along with the limited natural resources which is mainly the water resources. Apart from this, the garden allotments can be regarded as a neighborhood with a good option. Thus, mitigating the same water crisis can help as a preventive measure incurring an additional business cost. Thus, this is like a market price fluctuation, therefore, they do not depend on the agricultural products from the rural areas, which can lead them to face difficulties to sustain their life.

    Urban areas produce their own food because of their tourism factors, which has helped them with increased productivity. As compared with this they often opt for Crop rotation, which is a threat to most of them, as this can be considered as posing difficulties, due to weed as well as due to the pest growth in the crops. Thus, proper water quality is required in order to develop the productivity of drinking water accessibility. Thus, taking up various means to get water (Acharjee et al. 2020).

    Thus, in order to enable proper drinking facilities for the people at Arzaville, the government, and the court shall take up the initiative to take up the measures while providing a provision to develop a safe drinking facility for the community. Apart from this, the government shall build up several sustainable water development projects, so that the people of Arzaville can mitigate their drinking water solution.

    Alternatively, the water crisis in Arzaville, is not like the current crisis as well as with the increasing population within the society, water scarcity is very much visible. As a result, this has deteriorated the water infrastructure which is believed to be underinvestment by the water sectors. Thus, the water sector management is responsible to address this arising issue, along with constructing rapid water growth facilities based on the growth of the population. Thus, this will act as an aid to all the people from Arzaville.

    Sustainable waste management measures are required to be taken by the Government so that the people, basically the rural population of Arzaville can even manage their waste problems. Apart from this, traditional methods are based on the wastewater flow, which pollutes the environment as well as its ecological balance. Thus, the Waste management department is required to develop a concrete idea so that they can use the fume along with the flow meter in the flow manhole, which is like the concrete vault, and a manhole with fiberglass with metering manhole, based on the reliable as well as low maintenance of the waste management. Thus, in order to follow, the waste management process, the Waste Department and the government are solely responsible to take care to look after the toilet leaks. Thus, they are also responsible to manage domestic waste because, waste debris getting accumulated in the nearby streams, water, or river, can also hamper the scenic beauty along with polluting the water with the waste materials (Brinkley 2018).

    On the other hand, as the population rises rapidly, with rapid growth, the Supreme Court of the United States, along with the Water Management Department, the Non- Governmental Organization as well as the government is required to take up preventive measures so that the Arzaville community does not get affected by the stormwater. Therefore, the Storm Water management team is taking up the initiative to develop the criteria to develop the people, to rescue them while a storm. The report states that storm often causes places to be flooded, so the Storm Water Management team has developed a concrete idea to implement a good gutter to eliminate the wastewater so that the place does not get flooded. Along with helping the people to get a concrete roof, which is the green roof, and even initiating organic filters, while developing bio-retention areas, to develop the community of Arzaville under stormwater management. Thus, the government shall take up the initiative to develop certain methods to reuse the water, in the long run.


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