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CJS 341- Week 2 Discussion: Patriotism and Ethnocentrism

Sep 15, 2023

What is the difference between patriotism and ethnocentrism? From a law enforcement perspective, is one perspective more significant than the other? Why?

Please define both patriotism and ethnocentrism in your response.

Week 2 Discussion: Patriotism and Ethnocentrism

As stated in the textbook, I have gathered information about ethnocentrism as it is believed to be one’s own group or the culture undertaken by superiors to others. As per my idea, patriotism involves feelings related to a deep commitment and love for the nation, the community, and the political group.

Therefore, it often consists of a unique respect for the family to learn about their devotion related to bringing out the patriotic feeling and their belief that enhancing the feeling for one’s nationality is considered patriotic. Moreover, ethnocentrism is based on social science and learning about anthropology.

The colloquial English discourse mainly applies to the judges and other cultures, practices, behaviors, beliefs, and people based on the people’s knowledge instead of using the standards of the particular culture involved. Yet, from the bible, we can assume that the term “patriotism” should act like an individual’s dedication to their country that builds up the public spirit and their contribution.

Yet, we can consider patronage as the business has done to support the sponsors dedicated to being politicians. Thus, irrespective of the law enforcement perspectives, which hold the biased aspect of governance (Saarikkomäki et al., 2021).

I believe that ethnocentrism mainly encourages to bring forth giving opportunities to minorities. In comparison, patronage mainly encourages exclusive advancement, which removes the burden from minorities by helping them give criminal justice.   


Saarikkomäki, E., Birk Haller, M., Solhjell, R., Alvesalo-Kuusi, A., Kolind, T., Hunt, G., & Burcar Alm, V. (2021). Suspected or protected? Perceptions of procedural justice in ethnic minority youth’s descriptions of police relations. Policing and society31(4), 386-401.

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