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CJ 210- Part II: Burglary

Aug 12, 2023

Answer the following….

Part II: Burglary

1. What are the common methods by which burglars gain entry into a residence or building?

The common ways for burglars are mainly to gain entry based on the buildings are as follows:

Burglary often happens with forced entry into someone’s house, which is violent. Front door structures require to be improved or it needs to be kept closed all the time to prevent the entrance of burglars. Reports mention that burglars can never be brazen enough, to walk to the front door. Hence, they can enter the house by force, through the windows, or while climbing a tree or a table which is set near an open window. Apart from this, burglars often enter the house with force, even through a secondary door, creating violence, harming individuals or even committing sexual crimes with force (Armitage, 2018). Therefore, burglar criminals want to check on the fragile entry to seek advantage based on any unlocked door or an open window to enter the house or business. Therefore, creating a strong home structure is efficient to prevent burglars and acts as a safeguard while preventing burglars into the home by force.   

2. Describe the primary characteristics of suspect(s) in burglary cases.

Thus, the crime that involves theft, is often known as burglary. Therefore, these are illegal because this is usually done while entering any place by force or this can be even without force, which is by entering through an unlocked door or an open window (de Oliveira, 2018). The structure has to be improved so that burglary does not exist within the place. Hence, attempting burglary is the forcible entry that is usually done with force. Suspecting the thieves doing burglaries needs to be identified by the homeowners, and the building owners so that they can learn about burglary cases taking place in the location. 

3. How are burglaries and sex crimes related?

Results have indicated mostly that the motivation for burglaries often can harm a person related to sexual assault, in the case of a person alone at home, a burglary happens and this can be followed by sexual crimes. Hence, reports have mentioned that burglary often causes violence, and theft, along with penetration and fetishism that can be committed based on the circumstances which increases the benefits while lowering the rates of risk factors. Reports generated from this show that sexual burglary is done on a rational note to learn about the nature of the sexual burglars who chose to learn about the residence that is easy to break through. Alternatively, sexual burglars mainly act like an opportunist based on the situation that cues up and marks a dissimilarity with regular burglars.


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de Oliveira, C. A. (2018). The impact of private precautions on home burglary and robbery in Brazil. Journal of quantitative criminology34(1), 111-137.

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