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CJ 210- Part I: Sex Crimes

Aug 12, 2023

Answer the following….

Part I: Sex Crimes

1. What are the 7 goals of a primary interview with the rape victim?

The seven primary goals required for a primary interview with the rape victim:

  1. Requirements of the physical description of the criminal
  2. The location where the crime has taken place
  3. The identification of the possible witness, that is witnessing the neighbors, family members or doing an investigation based on the details of the rape victims.
  4. Specific actions of the offenders that are volunteered by the victims.
  5. Learning about the circumstances based on learning about the attack.
  6. Information about the weapon or the vehicle which is used while committing the crime
  7. Specified information based on learning about the actual location of the crime took place.

2. What method does the FBI use to determine the profile of the offender in a sex crime?

The methods that are used by the FBI to determine the profile of the sex offender, are run under the ViCAP Program. This program mainly involves gathering the basic information which is required to collect the data for the police department. ViCAP also conducts interviews the convicted offenders along with research as a result that is published based on social scientists (Holton et al. 2018).

3. What is the importance of the profile in helping solve crime?

Criminal Investigation mainly helps to make an identification that can narrow the limits of the suspected offender. This involves the inferences based on the offenders so that they can learn about the traits from the physical and behavioral evidence. Therefore, criminal investigation is significant enough, that this helps to develop powerful evidence. Thus, in the case of the powerful case creates a linkage tool based on the physical shreds of evidence based on a criminal investigation that is unavailable (Kizilhan, & Wenzel, 2020). The significance of the profile can help to solve the crime while narrowing down the results based on a certain area, which can be suspected. Therefore, based on the profiles, sometimes this is supported by the information that requires to arrest another suspect. However, criminal profiling is based on the significance based on law enforcement based on the tool to solve the crime. Thus, profiling narrows the field to investigate the indication of the committed crime to focus on certain behavior and learn about the personality traits to solve the crime.


Holton, G., Joyner, K., & Mash, R. (2018). Sexual assault survivors’ perspectives on clinical follow-up in the Eden District, South Africa: A qualitative study. African journal of primary health care and family medicine10(1), 1-7.

Kizilhan, J. I., & Wenzel, T. (2020). Positive psychotherapy in the treatment of traumatised Yezidi survivors of sexualised violence and genocide. International review of psychiatry32(7-8), 594-605.

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