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CCJS 100- Discussion Week 7: Crime Scenes

Aug 22, 2023

Discussion week 7

Below are scenarios of two crimes. The questions for the discussion follow each of the scenarios.

You must use at least two resources to back up your thoughts and you must base your opinion on your readings for the week.  

1. A murderer, who experienced years of abuse at the hands of his victim, finally “snapped” and killed his girlfriend. Should this offender be considered for a sentence of community supervision?  Why or why not?  In addition to justifying with resources, detail two factors you took into consideration in determining whether or not they should receive this sentence.

2. A college student who has no previous criminal record engaged in reckless driving and a pedestrian was killed as a result. Should this offender be considered for a sentence of community supervision?  Why or why not?  In addition to justifying with resources, detail two factors you took into consideration in determining whether or not they should receive this sentence.

Discussion week 7

1. This is where the case revolves, stating the notion that a murderer who has been experiencing years of abuse at the hands of his victims finally snapped ad killed his girlfriend. Thus, this offender is solely considered to get a sentence relevant to community supervision. Ideally, murder is sentenced within the community which is supervised. Thus, based on the evidence that he has been related to the victim of violence related with the past, as it contributed to murdering his girlfriend. The murderer is indeed committed to attempting a crime. Moreover, there should be ample evidence to prove that he has not committed this act in the past to learn about the eligibility related to the sentence. Instead of this holding an incarcerated offender to secure the correctional institution, while the community is related to monitoring the means to follow the success to develop a neighborhood. Here, in this case, he even snapped and then killed his girlfriend. Moreover, it is believed on the grounds he is being sent to jail in case of the murder. As stated by Robinson & Crow, (2009), there are three facets relevant to the situation, in which the victims are required to be watched as well as they are required to be monitored to ensure their stay on track. These are social work assistance, related to the use of cognitive strategies to minimize the different risk factors.

For this murder case, the community is based on supervision, which would have been based on the beneficial system. Thus, this act is based on the rehabilitation undertaken by the process under an individual to learn to live even with the past. Additionally, we cannot ignore the trauma that he has gone through, a he grew up with an abusive life. This might not be the not reason likewise, he receives community supervision to get punishment alone. Thus, the abuse based the murderer has undergone while leading to the killing, or unfit for prison. Even in the case of the jail, this might continue to relate to the tendency while kill, about the making a mistake related to humanity as well as his life relevant to fellow inmates. Therefore, he should be tried of murdering while he should be getting a life sentence.  

2. In the second question it is asked well, that a college student who has no previous criminal record gets involved with reckless driving while putting the car on a pedestrian and killing the individual. In the course of sentencing, a range of considerations, are required to be considered. The nature of the offender is related to criminal attempts, because this engages the murderer, in an attempt to do the same recklessly. Moreover, this involves men rea which can be considered the case as it decides about the offender who is intent to commit the crime, as the offender has no motivation (, 2019). While this makes them more remorseful, attempting the offender to learn about the history relevant to re-offending as well as other factors based on the history for re-offending, while the factors considered.

While as it is mentioned by Davies et al. (2019), in most cases, for the very first time the offenders give a benefit relevant to the doubt related to the criminal justice system which was granted under the non-custodial sentence. Thus, the system is based on the analogy, under the relevancy which has no previous records about offending or it might engage the crime taken pace due to the circumstances. Thus, related to the case which concerns the forms of the non-custodial sentence which probably includes probation, parole, and the community service order.

Moreover, related to the analogy, the offenders of this case mainly qualify to the community, so that one can monitor because he or she has attempted the crime for the first time as he or was not involved in any criminal attempts before the criminal justice system. Simultaneously, it is essentially relevant to the crime that is akin to this car incident than causing the murder recklessly to the individual who murdered the pedestrians with his or her car on it. The court requires to handle the defendant on the nature of being a college student who does not have any criminal history. Moreover, the essence is related to the crime which is akin to the car accident relevant to the murder, with the court should be handled the defendant with leniency. Similarly, the perpetrator with the college students, related to the situation which might be undertaken by the margin older than the majority of the age. Thus, with the aforementioned analogy, my own opinion, is that the perpetrator gives a warrant relevant to the details while qualifying the community that monitors the criminal justice system.


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Robinson, G.G., & Crow, I. (2009). Offender Rehabilitation: Theory, Research, and Practice. (2019). What is Community Supervision? Retrieved from: [Retrieved on July 17, 2022]

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