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CYB 320- Week 5 Discussion: Executive Management

Aug 29, 2023

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Examine practical ways executive management can address the political, ethical, and cultural challenges that arise, such as bans on cartoons, website blocks, and “fake” news.
  • How can executive management impact the company’s perception of the above issues while preserving employee independence and privacy?

Week 5 Discussion: Executive Management

In my perspective, if the executive manager of the organization is interfering in these situations, then they should possess some proper reasons behind it. It is the responsibility of the executive manager to tell the organization how its perspective is misinterpreted in society and how society is harming and using the organization’s perspective. Just for the example given in the discussion question, if the executive manager is banning the cartoon, then he or she should have a proper reason for doing so. It means that if the executive manager is banning the cartoon, then the reason behind it can be the inappropriate content of the cartoon which might not be good health, and good for the children. The cartoon might be creating a bad impact on the children’s mental health and harassing their behavior. If these are the reasons for the executive managers, then the cartoons need to be banned.

The next example which I am taking is fake news. Fake news can prove to be harmful to anyone, therefore if the organization is promoting its products and services with fake news, then it needs to be warned and should be asked that they shroud avoid showing this kind of content to the public (Ireton & Posetti, 2018). They are also required to cross-check the information before telecasting them on different mediums such as TV, Radio, etc. This is how the executive manager of the company should make decisions about its organization without interfering with the company’s employees.


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