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CST 302- Spiritual Disciplines Reflection Paper

Aug 31, 2023

Throughout the course, the students will be reading David Mathis’ Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus Through the Spiritual Disciplines. This book outlines different spiritual disciplines (called habits) that foster spiritual growth. As they read the book, the students will attempt to participate in 6 of these spiritual disciplines, with at least one from each of the main categories described in the book (Word, Prayer, and Fellowship).

In week 7, the students will submit a 4–5 page paper in which they describe their experience with these disciplines. The paper will consist of an introduction, 6 sections (one for each of the disciplines the students participated in (half-page minimum)), and a conclusion. Each section will a.) describe what the discipline is (according to Mathis) and b.) reflect on the student’s own experience in practicing the discipline.

The paper should be double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, and with 1” margins all around

Spiritual Disciplines Reflection Paper

Throughout this course semester, this can be observed how the Foundations of Christians Thought Class, and its students have been reading about David Mathis’ novel, namely, “Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines”. This book mainly aims to discuss the wide variety of the various ways to learn about an individual who can be close enough to God. Therefore, using spiritual disciplines can be called as the habit of a person for an individual to reach out with all the potential to learn about God and the Holy Spirit. Moreover, this book provides us with the significance of ensuring that people can learn about God’s words, His prayers, and His fellowship for all of us. Therefore, with the influence of the six disciplines that I have selected to categorize the spiritual disciplines to complete this reflection paper, this book gives out the significance of the spiritual disciplines which calls about one’s habits that are related to fostering spiritual growth. Correspondent to this study, I would rather try to mention that with this reflection I got an opportunity to reflect on my experiences.

Significance of reading the Bible

David Mathis mainly talks about how it is significant to learn about God’s words. Moreover, in various other ways, God’s words can be heard through the sacred text which is the Bible. Therefore, Mathis believed that the Bible mainly states how God stated about us while revealing himself while creating the Human soul in his reflection. Mathis believed that how Bible speaks out the words of God, as it reveals about himself. According to Mathis, who stated about reading the Bible, which might sound easy is not that simple. According to Mathis, (2016), to read the Holy Scripture, one requires to read the Bible like an art. Moreover, from my understanding, Mathis has emphasized reading the Bible as it is believed to take up developing a habit of reading, without any distractions to put forward an individual as well as their soul to read one to help and to be close to God.   

Moreover, I think that reading the Bible is one of the favorable approaches to reaching the words of God. Apart, from this, I often try to complete reading the Bible earlier so that I can stick to good thoughts and beliefs which can embellish my soul and my thoughts.


I consider this to be my second habit because this is an attempt to learn about God and reflect on God’s aims by practicing fasting. Moreover, the book Mathis mainly shares that “Fasting should be made that includes abstinence from anything legitimate in and of itself for the sake of some special spiritual purpose” (Mathis, 2016). Mathis shares his advice on how to begin fasting because this mainly relies upon advice that includes small plans instead of eating. This can be considered on how this shall affect others or the differences related to meditation rather than eating. Initially, it was difficult for me, but I started to make small attempts and then started to fast from taking food. Apart from this, I started to intake fruit juice and water for twenty-four hours. As a result, I continued to do the same and this helped to continue my prayer and meditation with fasting. Thus, this brought peace of mind and I can reach my God. Overall learning about Mathis, has helped me to conclude the words of God, are assumed from the words stated by Jesus, who assumed all to do fasting (Tanner, 2020).      


Through the reading from David Mathis’s words, this can be established that meditation can help an individual to focus on the habits and behavior to be followed by the Holy Scripture. Hence, meditation as per the words from Mathis states that doing meditation meets us with God this allows us to think deeper enough so that we can create a connection with God. To read the Bible, which can be considered to be a part of meditation. Mathis states that reading or hearing to Bible is related to God’s will while meditation often reflects on the words that can penetrate our mind and then move into our soul. Corresponding to the Bible, meditation also plays a vital role, so that one can understand and think deeply to understand the words spoken in the Bible.

Thus, I believe that reading the Bible and meditation are almost the same thing when an individual does prayers or journaling. Thus, I shall discuss meditation to increase mental power along with prayer. Comparing myself with this structure, I would narrate in depth about my analysis of reading the Bible, because I am a devotee and I wanted to read the Bible with all my devotion and capabilities (Mathis, 2016). Thus, for me, going into meditation means, that I try to spend my time thinking the words of God so that I can apply them in my real life. Here, reflecting on myself, I would state that meditation has brought a huge change in my soul and myself because I have noticed that this has helped me to learn how to become a good devotee and get strong mental aids.


From Chapter 11, from David Mathis, is intellect to be the way that connects us to God. Mathis states that journaling is not an essential task for all Christians, while this does not emphasize enhancements to the faith. On the other hand, Mathis gives a proper description of the journal to slow down and appreciate the Glory of God. Moreover, through the teaching of Mathis, I have developed the idea that journaling is the way to practice communicating in terms of God’s words and thinking about the terms uttered in the scripture (Frady, 2021). Moreover, journaling mainly needs to consist of writing with one’s heart, while meditating mainly means about the scripture that dreamt about one’s future.

Moreover, reflecting on journaling mainly helps to emphasize the habits that favor one’s favorite things which can be formatted to one’s Christian faith. I think that good mental health mainly relates to writing in an old-fashioned manner based on a specified journal to thrive out on eth positive ideas which is uplifting. Thus, this is often perceived as the significance of how these are denoted about writing based on an old-fashioned journal reading to deal with the mindset, while overcoming negativity, which is extremely helpful (Mathis, 2016). Thus, reflecting on the current situation is often considered to be a form of art that often changes the situation based on a perspective. Moreover, at times this often focuses on how good one can think with God’s blessings.

Wash with the Waters of Baptism

David Mathis explained clearly about washing in the water as part of his reference to bring forth of being baptized. Thus, Baptism is the vary way to learn about how someone wants to profess their faith related to the church within the forefront which is congregated. Baptism is related to obedience which confronts Christ’s beliefs and ideas. Apart from this, I have also learned from Mathis who is designated about the notion which stated that Mathis gives the main point related to washing in the water of Baptism mainly reflects the significance of that particular day, while this also reflects God, His glory, and His ways to let us know how to follow His instruction and pay attention. As stated by Mathis, (2016), Baptism plays a vital role which acts to be a new day in church. Moreover, through this method, this can be focused that Mathis urges to enroll in the habits undertaken in church based on a memorable occasion when an individual is baptized.   

Scripture Memory

Moreover, scripture memory is based on the terms that rely on the creator. Mathis explains scripture memory while enhancing the use of meditation. While memorizing scripture requires learning about the Bible well with all the dedication, to learn about the easy ways to practice the words, or they shall write them down or remain memorized. Thus this often relates to meditation which often focuses on the words that represent certain utilization. Therefore, in case of the scripture, mainly relies upon memorizing, so that one can fully memorize or understand scripture on an easier note (Payne & Draft, 2019).

Memorizing scripture often acts like a challenge to most people because this helps all of us to remember God, and His sayings and how they can be implied in our life. Thus, remembering all the things from the Bible is difficult, but I give all my dedication to upholding my understanding so that I can approach others with my understanding of the verse.    


Yet, to conclude, David Mathis’ novel, namely, Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines is a novel,  which was found in a written form or was found a valuable means to generate the details to denote the further experiences to reach spirituality. This semester from this course has helped me to reflect on learning about the scriptural and how it helps one to develop their life while understanding the scriptures, through the words of David Mathis. Moreover, this can be concluded about the habits that are discussed through the looks to relate with the benefits made towards developing my nature which is meaningful from the concepts, formed by Christ. Thus, selecting these habits has helped me to develop a range of ideas so that I can develop myself and reach the utmost levels of my life. Therefore, the spiritual discipline, or the habits, were so valuable that only I can hope to continue to the practices based on the possibilities of a long journey on my faith. Thus, spiritual disciplines mainly sound like no easy feat, based on an effort or care about the disciplines to bring a lifelong habit to understand the journey of God in our life.     


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