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SPED 9200- Discussion 4 Part I: Ideal Team Player Self-assessment

Aug 8, 2023

Part I:

For the first part of this week’s discussion, please take the Ideal Team Player self-assessment. This assessment will examine your role with a team.  It will assess three characteristics, Humble, Hungry, and Smart.  Following your self-assessment, add up your total score.  For the discussion board, offer an honest reflection on your score and how these virtues have allowed you to be a positive and influential team player.

Discussion 4: Ideal Team Player Self-assessment

Part I            

Here, I would like to answer based on the Ideal Team Player self-assessment. In the case of being humble and hungry, I have scored 17, and being smart I shall state that my score is 16. The score, in being humble and hungry has allowed me to develop certain positive as well as an influential team player. I would like to mention that I am a very hard-working person, and I like to teach others after I complete my course. On the other hand, case of being humble, I would like to mention that I like to cater to opportunities, in order to cater as well as contribute outside, which is outside my area of responsibility. I would like to explain myself based on the contradiction of being smart, in order to show that I have good listening skills, as this helps me to listen to the speaker well with my full attention. I really want to state that being a good listener I try to get myself involve in better behavior so that I can negotiate during a conflict. Thus, I always try to be smart in my mind, because, I would want my actions to speak, as I always want to adjust my behavior and my style in order to fit in the different methods of conversation depending on the relationship. Alternatively, after completing this ideal team player assessment I could only recognize based on the strength in order to work in a team with my good listening skills, by which I can value my team members with a proper negotiating strategy. Thus, I have heard that I am an attentive person, as I often listen to my teammates in order to listen to their conflict and negotiate their conflict.  

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