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EDBE 5322- Week 5 Assignment

Sep 9, 2023

Assignment 5


Using APA 7th edition, answer the following prompt in a 1-2 page paper (not including the title or references page):

  1. Some say teaching rigid genres or text types in the content areas is not wise because such teaching can stifle creativity; others say such teaching may perpetuate and reinforce structures of inequity in our society. How might the author react to these contentions? On what do you base your conclusions? What is your stand on the issue?

Week 5 Assignment

We often performed stories that the students had written in class. In storytelling, role-playing, and theatre, students may “examine their inner resources, sympathize with others, and use their own experiences as scaffolding on which to develop convincing action,” according to Richard-Amato. It is evident from this that the author much likes the less time-consuming training method that includes enjoyable activities.

It enables students to analyze the ideas and viewpoints found in the “genres” that they read and write, the “genre awareness” method should be incorporated into primary writing education. Since students in basic writing typically have little to no prior experience reading and writing in academic “genres,” instructors should educate these students on how to broaden their knowledge of reading and writing to include readers, writers, context, and text.

Teachers should also teach pupils basic writing skills, such as how to tie one genre to another by relating the more significant scene and the conditions that give birth to it (Haerazi & Irwan, 2019). Teachers can maintain their pupils’ interest and curiosity by extensively describing each “genre,” displaying a genre bucket, and proposing one or two novels for each “genre.”

Like the author, I also believe that teaching rigid genres in class is not very convenient and should be avoided. Teaching strict “genres” or text types in subject areas is not, in my opinion, a good idea. It’s crucial to involve both the professors and the students in class. The perfect amount of participation, engagement, and communication occurs in a successful classroom. The student must be able to grasp the teacher’s explanation. The teacher must be able to assess the student’s understanding level.

A strict genre may make teaching more difficult for the teacher than other teaching strategies. The rigorous and constrictive “genres” technique can be extremely difficult for new teachers since it is inherently less organized than many other systems. Furthermore, teachers might want assistance in adequately evaluating a student’s development. Since formal genre education is less common than other types, teachers typically devote a lot of time to selecting books, creating lesson plans, and creating tests that are appropriate for the subject (Nagao, 2018).

I believe that sometimes teaching rigid genres in the classrooms can make it challenging to find suitable genre options that speak to the skills kids need to master, and it can be practically impossible to find options that get better each year. Due to rigorous instruction, students may, as a result, be prevented from gradually developing their talents and may even completely miss out on some of them. Lack of continuity will affect students, especially as they advance to the next grade, which may impede their ability to grow as readers, writers, and thinkers.


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