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COMX 220- Unit 8 Discussion: Reflection

Aug 10, 2023

Unit 8 Discussion

In a paragraph or two, tell us what assignment (or reading or activity, or support) would have helped you in this course. Every time I teach I reflect – as you do – to determine how I can make the course better. Help me to do that by posting your thoughts on this.

Unit 8 Discussion: Reflection

This course has been helpful in many ways, from learning from my classmates in discussions and speeches delivered by them to learning the various forms of speeches and the formation of the outline of those. Courses like this are necessary for a person to pursue so that the skills can be acquired in an appropriate manner. In the current world, digital age communication is a new and collaborative experience delivered using technologies of the digital age so that the requirements of an organization, as well as the customers of the organization, are met (Digital Age Communications, n.d.). Public speaking in the digital age can be improved by interacting face-to-face, recognizing and organizing ideas leading to opportunities, and being able to present meaningful ideas and commitment so that the trustworthiness of the audience can be maintained (UAGC Staff Member, 2021).

The structure of the course is quite good and the assignments that are given each week indeed helped me and I assume that helped my classmates too. Taking into account the importance of the course in the current world being immense, I would like to suggest something which I think would have helped me and if implemented in future will help others too. In this course, there have been learnings and assignments provided for cultural artifact speech, persuasive speech, and informative speech, which have indeed been helpful. There can be an addition or introduction of assignments on a panel presentation, a ceremonial speech, or an impromptu speech. This would help the students to enhance their ability to express their understanding and thoughts clearly, verbal presentation skills, and most importantly be able to be familiar with public speaking. For example, if students are paired up to give a panel presentation which they will be supposed to present in front of other classmates digitally, this would surely make their fear lesser while presenting in front of the camera with other people present. Another example though it will be a bit harder, there can be a weekly assignment in which classmates will have to provide an impromptu speech which the topics will be provided previously to make it a bit easier for the students so that they can have an idea among which topics they will have to be prepared for the session. This will boost their confidence in public speaking. These are the ideas I have regarding what assignment or activity would have helped me in this course. I hope all my ideas are helpful and relevant for future modifications of the structure of the course.


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