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COMX 220- Unit 7 Discussion

Aug 11, 2023

What has Gallo described about public speaking and similar strategies to establish certain speech?

Unit 7 Discussion

Gallo (2014) in his book introduced 9 lessons regarding public speaking based on which the greatest TED Talks are established, that is, the greatest TED Talks are said to follow these rules. Also, through these 9 lessons of public speaking introduced, people were able to understand the transformation in the way of public speaking in the world. The nine lessons given by Gallo (2014) were, namely, unleashing the master within, telling three stories, practicing relentlessly, teaching the audience something new, delivering new jaw-dropping moments, using humor without telling a joke, sticking to the 18-minute rule, favoring pictures over text, and staying in the lane by remaining authentic. On the other hand, Durate (2011) in her TED Talk talked about her finding from her research on the components of an impactful speech, which are what is, what could be, a moment to remember, and the promise of “The New Bliss”. The strategies asserted by Nancy Durate seem similar in some aspects while differing in other aspects.

Strategies similar to Gallo, described by Nancy:

Nancy while delivering the speech followed the 18-minute rule of delivering a speech, looking at the duration of the speech it can be said. Another similarity is that Gallo in his book used the example of the transformation of the style of public speaking by Bill Gates, similarly, Nancy also provided the example of Steve Jobs while asserting and proving the similarity between her study and the structure of the speech while Steve Jobs. Other than that, both Gallo and Nancy believe in the strategy of providing compelling and authentic stories during the delivery of any speech in front of the audience. Also, according to Nancy, there should be humor during the speech to engage the audience which is similar to the strategy of Gallo, that is, the usage of humor without delivering a joke to the audience during the speech. Lastly, Nancy believes in the structure of a speech where it is asserted what it is actually and what it can be in a hypothetical situation which is similar to the strategy of delivering jaw-dropping moments Gallo.

The difference in the strategies:

There are several similarities between the strategies described by Nancy and the same by Gallo, yet they have some difficulties. One of them is that Nancy did not exactly follow the strategy or lesson asserted by Gallo regarding telling three stories. Nancy in her speech told stories and gave illustrations that were quite engaging to the audience, but there was no such strategy of Nancy to tell three stories to connect the audience.

One idea I found helpful and plan to use in future speeches:

The one idea that I found helpful and plan to use while delivering any speech in the future is that the main thing about the presentation is regarding the creation of incremental numbers of interpretations and usage of pictures to acquire a consensus within the audience. Beginning a speech with empathy is an essential part. Also, I plan to establish different probable situations of the situation prevailing currently, that is, explaining and moving back and forth with what it is actually and what it can be, through several examples.


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