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COMX 220- Cyberbullying in social media

Aug 4, 2023

Upload your video or submit a YouTube link here. Be sure to also upload your PowerPoint slide deck. You can record your speech any way you like: directly in Studio, on YouTube, or on your phone as an MP4. However, if you record it, be sure you upload it to Studio and share it with me.
Remember that you will be screencasting this speech. You must be visible on screen for the entire speech, with your slide deck visible too. The maximum time for this speech is 10 minutes. There is no maximum number of slides, but you should only use a slide to amplify or illustrate your points. Slides cannot be used as notes. Do not read


Hello everyone, I am Najah White-Royster and I am going to present a Persuasive speech to you. My topic will surround discussion regarding Cyberbullying in social media and I will persuade that monitoring of online activity by teenagers should be done by their parents so that cyberbullying in social media can be prevented.



Cyberbullying is defined as bullying that occurs on electronic media (smartphones, laptops, mobiles, computers, tablets, etc.) via applications, social networking websites, online gaming platforms, messages, SMS, and other means involving contact and engagement of persons in a derogatory light. Social media networks (Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and so on) are examples of sites where cyberbullying takes place, as are text messages sent via smartphone or tablet, chatrooms, social gaming groups, email, and so on. Because of the prevalence of virtual blogs and forums, comments by people, photographs, posts, and content are routinely accessed by friends as well as strangers. Published content by any individual on social media– both private and nasty, harsh, or hateful content – creates a sort of permanent public record of their thoughts, activities, and behavior. Cyberbullying may harm the virtual identity of any individual, not only the person being harassed, also well as those who do or engage in the abuse. Parents may play a significant role in preventing and protecting their children from cyberbullying on digital platforms.


Proof 1:

At first, the facts based on Cyberbullying in social media and other digital platforms will be discussed to establish primarily, how serious this issue is, and hence parents should be more cautious about their children and should monitor their activities online. Firstly, Instagram is the social media platform where the most number and most percentages of young people, especially teenagers have experienced cyberbullying. According to, the percentage of people facing cyberbullying on Instagram is near about 42% and this is followed by Facebook users which are 37%, and Snapchat users which are 31%. Secondly, if the incidents of cyberbullying are looked at gender-wise, the incident of a girl being both a victim as well as a perpetrator of the act of cyberbullying is higher than what it is for boys. Again, as per, The victims of cyberbullying were 15% of teenage girls, while that of boys was near about 6%.


Thirdly, as per, though 33% of teenagers face online harassment, only around 10% of parents are worried about online bullying happening to their children. On the other hand, though 17% of [parents in the United States know about cyberbullying of their children, more than half of the percentage are not even worried about those adolescents being bullied on digital platforms. Lastly, reports about regulating the activities of children in the virtual world were made by most of the parents in the United States, about 89% of them.


Proof 2:

Now that the facts have been discussed, to establish how serious the issue of cyberbullying on digital platforms and how essential it is to parents monitor their children, the consequences and effects of cyberbullying will now be the point of discussion. Firstly, the suicides and self-harms due to cyberbullying have resulted in many parents losing their children which in turn made the parents guilty with the thought that it could have been prevented if they helped and were aware of their children being harassed on social media. Secondly, the published content by individuals on the internet – both private and nasty, harsh, or hateful content – creates a sort of permanent public record of their thoughts, activities, and behavior. This persistent content may be seen as an online presence to which organizations, corporations, schools, communities, and anybody presently or in the future investigating an individual may have accessibility. This hurts their social lives. Lastly, in numerous cases, adolescents who have already been tormented in the past have taken revenge by killing the perpetrators or becoming bullies themselves. Online bullying instances have even resulted in school massacres.


Proof 3:

Now, coming to the point of what measures parents can take the protect their children and prevent the teenagers from being harmed by the harassment of negative digital behavior, that is, cyberbullying. Firstly, social media accounts as well as the friends, and followers in the social media account of the teenager, the applications being used, and the browsing history should be monitored by the parents in case of any suspicion regarding their child being harassed online. Secondly, parents should stay technologically as well as verbally updated to understand the workings of social media and the contemporary slang being used there. Thirdly, parents themselves should teach their children at home about online harassment, the ways to prevent it, what to post, and what not to do in the digital world. Fourthly, children should be made aware of the options of reporting or blocking someone on the occasion of the individual spreading hatred and harmful posts and comments on social media.



It can be asserted now while concluding the speech that since there is a lack of knowledge regarding the prevention of Cyberbullying, campaigns to spread awareness among teenagers and parents of children in teenage regarding the ways of preventing Cyberbullying. The rate of people, especially teenagers, being harassed online is the highest in the United States among all other nations. Knowledge should be provided to the students enrolled in various institutions and schools regarding the way of coming forward and fighting against Cyberbullying in social media for them as well as for others suffering from any online harassment. Other than this, the role of the government in cyberbullying prevention should be the formulation of strict laws to combat the serious issue of Cyberbullying. But the micro-level care of the teenagers can only be taken by the parents at first and hence the monitoring of the online activities of the teenagers should be done by the parents. Ending with the words of Author Harvey Fierstein – “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.”.


Thank you all for listening patiently to my speech.

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