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Aug 7, 2023


ASSIGNMENT: To deliver a 4 – 5 minute speech designed to describe an artifact from your culture. Culture can be defined as a group of people who share language, beliefs, attitudes, values, rituals, traditions, dress, music, etc. It is, therefore, not restricted to ethnicity. This speech provides you with an opportunity to share one aspect of a culture to which you belong.

INSTRUCTIONS: Show an artifact or object that symbolizes your cultural identity and explain it to the class. This visual aid is REQUIRED and you are to relay three main points about the significance of the artifact to your life. (e.g. how you obtained it, how it changed your life, why it is important to you or your family). The artifact can be food, clothing, photos, an object, music, or anything that helps to demonstrate to the class the importance of culture in your life.


Introduction: Your introduction should be about 30 seconds for a short speech (as opposed to the standard 1 to 1½ minutes). You should use an attention-getter, reveal the object and your credibility, state your central idea, and finally state your preview. Body: The body of the speech should cover: How the object is used and is part of the culture. How the object represents important values and traditions in the culture. Why do you identify with the culture? Conclusion: The conclusion should review the central idea; restate the main points, and use a closing statement. NOTE: You are allowed to use ONE 3×5 notecard during your speech.




Hello everyone, my name is A, and I will be presenting a Cultural Artifact Speech to you. The advancement of technology has gone to a very high level when it comes to the use of computers and the accessories related to computers. In the world of gaming, the keyboard has great significance. According to Pew Research Center (2015), 49% of the adult population in the United States played video games and among them, 10% of the population considered them as gamers. This popularity of gaming among the people of the United States resulted in a higher significance of quality Keyboards. Are you aware of the various types of keyboards and their relevance to gaming?


This mechanical keyboard assists and enables me as well as the gamers to play a game in well-manner. I am not so old in the gaming world, as I can say I am a young gamer. But my experience in gaming for the last few years and continuous practice and research in this field has enabled me to understand the significance of the usage of the appropriate keyboard for a gamer. In the virtual competitive world of gaming, one of the attractiveness of gaming is represented by a high-quality mechanical keyboard. In this speech, I will start with the use of mechanical keyboards along with the importance of mechanical keyboards and lastly, the reason behind my identifying this culture of gaming.



I will begin with the types of mechanical keyboards to assert the use of Artifact, which is the mechanical keyboard here. The switch keys are the determinant factor behind the different types of mechanical keyboards. Various kinds of switches that the mechanical keyboards include are namely, Cherry ML switch, Cherry MX switch, Cherry MY switch, Taiwan white axis, ALPS switch, etc. Currently, in the market, the most available mechanical keyboards include MX mechanical axes. These are keyboards having Cherry MX switches, are called the MX series, and the switches are subject to various functions, and are differentiated by various colors, such as, red, blue, black, white, and brown. For example, the blue switch consists of two sections of axes representing the strongest Cherry axis with a mechanical sense.

Now that the types are known, let me tell you about the important values of the mechanical keyboard in the gaming culture. The value of competitiveness and professionalism in the gaming culture is represented through the mechanical keyboard. The most appropriate and suitable mechanical keyboard with high-quality features is required by every pro gamer in order to achieve an efficient level of gaming. This reflects professionalism.


Moving on to the last reason behind my identifying this culture. The time was not long ago, but since I played Apex Legends, the gaming culture has become an essential part of my life. I got to know many people and was able to make many gaming friends and was finally able to give a reply to people who asked me if I played any video games or not. Playing video games provides me with a sense of leisure and that feeling is great to me!


In conclusion, summing up the speech now, I would again say that in the virtual competitive world of gaming, one of the attractiveness of gaming is represented by a high-quality mechanical keyboard. If you are a gamer too, you will connect more with the speech and the significance and values of a mechanical keyboard and the reason behind my identifying this culture. In the end, I would just say that for playing a good game, it is not a teacher whom you need, but a good quality computer accessory, especially an appropriate keyboard, is what you need.


Thank you.

Speech Delivery Visual PPT Attached 

Visuals for Cultural Artifact Speech Delivery



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