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COMM 160- Preliminary Essay

Aug 21, 2023

Write the essay following the below Preliminary Essay Outline……

Thesis Statement

Purchasing an eco-friendly alternative to a product that will endure for years helps to reduce the total cost of living, and household waste and makes the environment a greener place to live.

Body Paragraph #1

Topic Sentence

Since eco-friendly products endure for years, the expenditure on living can be minimized effectively.

First Supporting Detail (Type 1)

  • Opting for eco-friendly electronic goods

Supporting Detail (Type 2)

  • Buying CFL bulbs

Second Supporting Detail (Type 1)

  • Using renewable energy resources

Supporting Detail (Type 2)

  • Using solar energy panels to generate power

Body Paragraph #2

Topic Sentence

In addition, opting for eco-friendly products reduces household waste remarkably.

First Supporting Detail (Type 1)

  • Recycling and reusing

Supporting Detail (Type 2)

  • Recycling paper
  • Reusing empty containers, jars, etc. for storage.

Second Supporting Detail (Type 1)

  • Opting for biodegradable objects

Supporting Detail (Type 2)

  • jute or paper bags

Body Paragraph #3

Topic Sentence

Finally, the well-being of the earth can be ensured by bringing larger areas under vegetational cover.

First Supporting Detail (Type 1)

  • Adhering to environment-friendly rules

Supporting Detail (Type 2)

  • Curbing wanton destruction of forest covers

Second Supporting Detail (Type 1)

  • Tree plantation

Supporting Detail (Type 2)

  • Community gardening

Concluding Sentence

Selecting an efficient and environmental alternative to a product that will last for years helps minimize total living costs and household wastage, as well as making the world a greener place to live.

Preliminary Essay

Thesis statement 

According to the studies, eco-friendly products are those products that do not cause any harm to nature and can be reusable at the same time.

Paragraph #1

Topic Sentence: They are demanding reusable eco-friendly products for the spreading of awareness.

Nowadays, people are becoming concerned about nature and the surrounding environment. Eco-friendly products cost less and can be reusable for several years for various purposes. Small changes in the house can leave a powerful impact on the environment. When it comes to the matter of using electronic goods in the house. Eco-friendly electronic products also help to reduce total expenses of living and lead a healthy life, even these products can be made from household wastes (Elavarasan, Shafiullah & Padmanaban, et al. 2020, p. 33). These steps make the environment greener and a better living place. These reasons help in many ways to improve and make the environment clean and reduce the effect of the greenhouse. It also controls the sudden rise in temperature in the atmosphere caused by the greenhouse effect.

First supporting details

  • Electronic goods and gadgets are the most innovative future development step. Over a few decades, the rapid use of electronic goods has brought more improvement in daily life.  While using electronic gadgets, power usage creates more disruption and pollution in nature.
  • CFL bulbs are one of the easiest energy-saving electronic gadgets due to the consumption of less power. This process reduces the amount of coal for burning. It also uses less than seventy-five percent of energy. It also causes fewer effects in nature.

Second supporting details

  • One of the greatest ways to save the environment is to utilize renewable energy. Renewable energy sources are never-ending energy sources. These energies come from natural energy sources.
  • One of the prime examples of renewable energy is solar energy. The implementation of solar panels helps to generate power creation. Furthermore, it also helps to convert natural solar power into electric power.

Paragraph #2

Topic Sentence: A step ahead to reducing wastage should start in households.

The first step of reducing wastage should start in the households. One of the easiest ways to reduce household wastage is changing non-eco-friendly products to eco-friendly products (Fitriani, Adisyahputra, Komala, 2018, p. 46). The first step of maintaining to reducing disposable in the kitchen is less usage of disposable goods. It is also better to avoid disposable coffee cups and water bottles. Switching to paper bags from plastic bags for shopping and groceries is one of the useful methods to take a step ahead.

First Supporting Details

  • The main reasons behind using eco-friendly products are reducing and reusing.  Recycling or reusing is the process to turn a used item into raw materials, which can be used as a new product. This process works in both ways: reduce and reuse.
  • One of the most recycling products is paper, which is majorly disposed of daily in heavy amounts (Fitriani, Adisyahputra, Komala, 2018, p. 46). There are many ways to recycle paper like paper bags, cleaning windows, using old paper for advertisement, packing materials, wrapping papers, and others.
  • Another way of recycling is to reuse old containers and jars as food storage systems. These containers are useful for food storage like dry fruits, snacks, bird foods, seeds, grains, and others. These containers and jars are also useful for many creative ideas like piggy banks, watering plants, hanging baskets, pencil cases, and others.

Second supporting details 

  • Biodegradable objects are materials that can start decomposing easily with the reaction of fungi and bacteria due to biological processes.  These objects are less harmful and have proven to be more useful for the environment due to their decomposing factor.
  • Jute products are the most famous biodegradable products and are not harmful to the ecosystem. The uses of jute products are very much famous due to popular demand and recycling manner.

Paragraph #3

Topic Sentence: Reducing deforestation to save Mother Earth.

Deforestation is one of the grave concerns for the sake of the environment and Mother Nature. Due to deforestation and the rapid growth of industrialization and urbanization, the effects of the greenhouse effect and other polluting process is directly affecting the atmosphere (Qazi,, 2019 p.36). It is very important to grow more vegetation land and expand it to decrease the effect of these concerning facts.

First Supporting Details 

  • One of the great ways to start to preserve the environment is to spread more awareness about preserving greenery. Small lifestyle changes can bring huge differences in preserving the environment like planting more trees, preserving water, using more renewable energy, and others.
  • Research suggests that crucial ecological resources are being constantly destroyed by illegal mining (Veldkamp,, 2020 p.36). The high demand for urbanization and the rapid growth of industrialization is becoming the prime reason behind it. Another major issue is arousing because of these reasons is soil damage or soil erosion.

Second supporting details

  • Trees provide numerous valuable things for the survival of human beings. The importance of tree plantations should be encouraged to save nature and preserve humanity from ultimate destruction.
  • Community gardening is one of the trending gardening processes to grow plantations in urban areas, to create more greenery for a healthy environment.


As humanity is developing day by day, the requirement for land is growing rapidly. To preserve the environment, better ways can be selected relevant, addressing the eco-friendly products which are recycled and renewable and cause less harm. 


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