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COM-5360-Discussion on Crisis communication

Jul 24, 2023

You have recently secured a job in the Customer Experience team of a company that owns a brand you know well and have personal experience as a customer.

As there have been a lot of new staff hires, plus a big review of suppliers leading to new marketing agencies being appointed, the CEO wants to ensure the company stays as customer-focused as it can be and wants to reinforce a ‘Customer at the heart of the initiative. 50 as inputs to the company’s ongoing ‘customer insight’ research, new recruits are asked to.

write a personal reflection on their experience with the brand to cover:

  • Why you initially chose the brand and have kept with it; how does the brand fit in your life what you thought it would add, how well it has met the expectations, etc.
  • Outline one/some experiences where it provided something memorable, or you needed to interact with the company for some reason (perhaps there have been some problems along the way — how were they dealt with). In short, tell the CEO. what the brand does well. 

Discussion on Crisis communication


The brand which is chosen by me is the Amazon brand. The Amazon company is an American multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Amazon has a subsidiary across the globe. It is an online shopping platform that acts as a mediator for sellers and buyers. It is an online retailer company and a prominent cloud services provider headquartered in situated in Seattle, Washington. The company has separate websites, software development centers, customer service centers, and fulfillment centers in many locations around the world.

Reason for choosing the brand

Amazon brand is one of the most recognized online shopping brands which has subsidiaries across the globe. I have chosen the brand for various reasons. Firstly, Amazon is an online shopping app that helps to deliver the product across the globe and helps to deliver the product in less time. Secondly, the main reason for choosing the particular brand is because in the same app, the different varieties of the brands are available which helps the consumer to choose the selective product of the particular brand according to their requirement and choices. Thirdly the shopping app does not only provide clothing items but also provide various other items like groceries or any essential equipment. In all, it can be said that in this particular place, all the required product is available to the consumer. Fourthly it helps the consumer in shopping and saves time. Consumers who do not have much time to go shopping can easily shop from this app as they also deliver the product on time.  

 The brand fit in my life

The brand fit in my life in various ways- Firstly, it makes my shopping easier than earlier it used to be as I do not have to travel for the shopping for a particular period. It helps to do shopping anywhere across the globe

Secondly, it helps me to differentiate the product according to my requirement as all types of brands are available in the same place which helps me to understand and compare the price accordingly.

Thirdly it helps to deliver the product directly to family and friends who are living far away. I do not need to personally purchase and they deliver it and it saves time as it is directly delivery to the particular person on my behalf.

Fourthly It has added benefits to me because I do not need to go to the nearby place for the shopping purpose as Amazon has also launched the online groceries in which the groceries items will be delivered to the required place within 24 hours.

Fifthly the main reason that it fits life is that the payment facilities have much more options like cash on delivery is applicable, the online payment or internet baking options is also available. For luxury items also the EMI option is also available which is also helpful to purchase the luxury items effortlessly.

It can be clearly said that it has met my expectation and helps by shopping easier and more convenient. It has met my expectations very well and helps me in my day-to-day work.

Memorable experience from Amazon

Amazon is considered one of the most used shopping apps across the globe and it is preferred by me also because it helps my life easier in the shopping. One of the most memorable incidents which take place on Amazon is when there was my cousin’s wedding and I ordered some clothes and jewelry for myself from Amazon at the last moment of the wedding. The jewelry which come was good and no problem was with it but in the case of the dress, I saw that there is some defect in that and I had 2 days left before the wedding but the process of exchange will take almost 7 days and I need the product within 2 days as I call the customer care service and requested them to deliver the product as fast as it can be and I was the premium customer of the Amazon so it make more easy to deliver the product in time and within 1 days the fresh product was in my hand and they apologies for the same.  

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