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COM 364- Module 6 Assignment

Sep 8, 2023

Prompt for Module 6

Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone. It is a very appropriate time for us to be thinking about families as systems. For this module’s Yellowdig, | suggest that we focus on how our own family systems had carried out socialization processes. Remember that the analysis of families always occurs from a particular perspective within the family, and “pattern of relationships within the family converge differently for different members of the family. Reflect on Assignments and how your family functions as a system. Identify roles, structures, and relationships, and provide examples from your own experience. As usual, you should make reference to 2 slides least one of which is from this week’s module, and either a slide from an earlier module or a quotation from Carter’s chapter 7.

Module 6 Assignment

For the discussion, I am taking slide one from module 6 and a quotation from Chapter 7. Slide 1 states that “most of the families carried out their primary responsibilities for socialization and held the major responsibility for the existence of civilization and humankind.” This quotation from Carter has been adopted precisely where accommodation towards goal requirements of the community has existed according to the importance of family in the community, which is regarded as the keystone of socialization. In the previous post, I related the story to a blood-related family. It is stated that most of the families around me are connected. The designated role of each mother for their kids is to take care of and work according to their schedule (Melton, Hodge & Duerden, 2022, p.130).

When I started studying in junior high school, my mother started a carpool. The carpool structure of every month according to designation and pick-up zones. However, my mother could not be a driver because of her work schedule. She offered to pay for gas, but the other two mothers who participated did not agree. So, my mother left the carpool job and started to sell flowers in front of our house. The fact not only raises the survival level of civilization and humanity, but it also makes me feel happy when I see my mother working for the family and trying to accommodate its needs. As adults, we all have the opportunity to learn the new formation of relationships. It allows the close ones to live through reliving recreation and create wealth so that family members would think one day everything might be made in a better way (Melton, Hodge & Duerden, 2022, p.130). People used to cherish their life with family members because they feel everything is connected emotionally. Therefore, the family is regarded as the primary unit of socialization, reinforcing the impact of children’s social skills and knowledge.


Melton, K. K., Hodge, C. J., & Duerden, M. D. (2022). Ecology of family experiences: Contextualizing family leisure for human development & family relations. Journal of Leisure Research, 53(1), 112-131.

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