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COM 364- Module 5 Assignment: Communities as Social Systems

Sep 6, 2023

In this module, we are focusing on communities as social systems. For our Yellowdig conversations let’s focus on how we see communities at work in our own lives. Think about the things that make you feel bonded to a community. How do you know that this is YOUR community? What happens that makes you know that this is YOUR community? How does communication impact your sense of community? What is the “symbolic territory” that marks out this community?

Module 5 Assignment: Communities as Social Systems

In Module 6 we are focusing on communities as social systems. The term system is described as the arrangement and interrelationships of sections that every place is defined as a role play bounded by interaction. It helps to identify the social system that helps in analyzing the identification of sub-systems, digestive organs, and other various sections of the human body. We all know that community is defined as a social unit where a group of people are deliberated with common things such as place, religion, norms, values, and customs. Communities help to share the virtual space with the help of communication that might tend to have good relations and goals with a sense of practice and continuity. Week 4 of module 6 and week 6 of module 2 have the reference community as a social system that helps to create bonding with a large group of affiliations. Human community is intended with beliefs, resources, and preferences that might lead to risk affecting the identity of the participants with a degree of coherence.

For understanding my community, I used to entail the geographical context first so that there would be a full setting and understanding of concerned facts that are used with special features and outcomes. With the significance of a specific community, I would build m physical presence, then infrastructure, patterns of settlement, and demographics so that the might be community and cultural practices, historical aspects, and existence of institutions. However, to know my community in a better way I would start building networks and get to know individuals more so that there would be better enhancement that might respond to comments and appraisals. The most significant information for understanding one’s community is to hear feedback when they are about to tell the aspects of building a community. It is the identification of thoughts that might help to celebrate a sense of belonging that tends to grow with interpersonal connection with sharing attributes that have a sense of oriented actions.

Understanding community helps to think with positive feelings that help individuals with a sense of togetherness without saying about community dispersed. The existence of a community is significant because identity and belongings are associated with particular dealings and appraisals. It helps to deal with facts that might help people understand the community simultaneously. In both the modules community understanding has provided references that help to deal with Carter’s quotation. Carter has explained the community in both the slides as formation of social groups where a sense of narrative is perceived with considered facts and outcomes. It is the choice to participate with different sections of the community that has helped to consider community-based conversation that has an active part of this community. However, I understand communities with social groups that have multiple aspects of identifying stories so that moral framing can be shared with cultural resources. I think for understanding my community I would define the aspects of shared characters into a sense of perception so that the world would create a sense of perception.

With the effects of personal and professional lives, effective communication would lead to the active participation of individuals in community development.  It is because effective communication skills would help in enabling certain levels of community that help to achieve the goals for the success of developmental plans. For managing conflict, achieving community expansion might develop actions oriented toward resolving the conflicts with the effects of communication. However, in some cases, if the communication is effective there would be no space for misunderstanding of information. With effective means of conflict, there would be effective communication that might change the perspective in a satisfactory manner.

Through communication, Cater has tried to improve social conditions and lifestyles. There would be dealing with insight ideas where community leaders would help in dealing with problems with a certain level of indication for people. The heading of community development has factors indicating special features to do well in some facts. For a better understanding better lifestyle, communication would help to deal with related works that have the course of community development.

Communication methods such as counseling, capability, and mechanisms of drawing esteem better future aspects among teenagers would help with some of the evidential roles. Social communication is regarded as the foremost activity that changes the community level through inspiration and appraisal of growth for individuals to learn about their lives. Community helps to understand people with the effects of a community that might have the potential to deal with effective one which has the perspective of a crucial stage of communication. It is the insight idea that has the perception of actions oriented with individual life and actions for a group in an adventurous way. It is the dealing of effective outcomes where communication becomes vital for people in everyday life so that there might be a change in perspectives.

 Self-determination has different aspects that are based on shared identities with motivation and subnational conflicts. The development of symbolic territory helps in addressing mobilization so that the process of relative outcomes so that single attachment might rely on complexity with territorial values. The choice of conflict strategies so that the conventional resort would help in explaining mobilization that is relevant to the territorial aspects. It is the individual dimensions that might change the approaches of theories with the help of potential sources. It undermines the demonstration of self-rule that demands environmental outcomes and accelerates the marginalized facts.

The systematic diffusion of conventional strategies shas tends to refrain from the territorial value so that sowing variations would help to symbolize territorial features. Self-determination has developed choices that might collect identical features where claims are referred to the structure of governmental decisions so that realization is ranging autonomy rights with the demand and powered with resources. The reinforced sources are constructed with specific roles where individual effects would focus on symbolic territorial values. There are some convincing effects where the length of residence has expansion and challenges. The historical autonomy with individual components has various features that emphasize some facts with the existing works.

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