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COM 310- Module 5 discussion

Aug 26, 2023

Module 5: Discussion Board

Files Demonstrate your understanding of key ideas in this module by responding to the following prompts with a discussion board post. Collaborations PROMPT:

Think about the last time you or someone you know was jealous. Start with a brief description of the situation then answer the following questions: Which of the communicative responses to jealousy did you or the other person you know use? Did these responses make the situation better or worse? Which response(s) would have been better in your opinion?

Module 5 discussion

Jealousy is one of the most common human characteristic traits which reflects the inner unfulfilled desires and it indirectly lead us into despair (Guerrero et al. 2021, p.335). Sometimes this interpersonal feeling becomes one of the major reasons for external and internal conflicts in various relationshipsleads. Sometimes we make rash decisions and certain actions that may cause a broken relationship with our loved ones and may harm us. We feel several ongoing changing dynamics and these dynamics can create conflicts with inner self.  Furthermore, if I consider myself, I would like to express a certain quality of mine which always helped me to ignore the feeling of jealousy for anyone, because I feel that the feeling of “jealousy” isabsolutelysister-in-law hadselvesour o unnecessary for all of us.

I would like to share one particular incident that I faced during my last teenage year. It happened during my last year of college, my cousin’s brother just gotten married with his beautiful bride my sister-in-lawhad. Although we all cousins loved her, she always avoided us and often behaved rudely with us. At first, I could not understand this behavioural change but slowly I understood once she started to copy ourselves and often quarrelled with my cousin for the same things liked ours. It made me sad because her acts often hurt us and we started to ignore her for this behavior.

If I consider the first question of the discussed matter, I would like to reflect on the part of competitive feelings and yielding and our behavior reflects on the part of avoiding fighting part. As per the writer of the book “competitive fighting highlights the direct approach of uncooperative and the direct fighting style with the dominant act of one another” (Guerrero et al. 2021, p.336). According to my situation would like to glance at the situational challenge and her behavioural changes. Our neutral behavior also indicates the fighting style of “avoiding” and helped us to deal with the situation but it created a broken part in our relationship and made it worse.

Another part of the discussed question highlights the responses of verbal communication between two individuals to sort out a solution for the feeling of “jealousy”.  In my situation, I would like to suggest a better conversation to figure out her insecurities about such acts and it would also help her to understand her inner conflicts from these behavioral changes for better responses.


Guerrero, L. K., Andersen, P. A., & Afifi, W. A. (2021). Close encounters: Communication in relationships (6th ed.). Sage.

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