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COM 310- Module 2 discussion: Turning Points in Relationships

Aug 24, 2023

There are several turning points associated with relationships. What are some turning points you have experienced? Assuming it was positive in what ways did the turning point lead to a positive change in the relationship?

Module 2 discussion: Turning Points in Relationships

According to the writer of the book, every relationship faces several turning points and these turning points create vital development in the progress of the relationship. Each relationship faces various situations like turmoil, depression, happiness, love, and conflicts with others. These situations create various perceptions and transform the dynamics of the relationship (Mongeau et al. 2021, p.330). I have realized that these turning points are the most important thing in life because these turning points teach us important lessons that give us various experiences and knowledge of the depth of life and every relationship. Like others, I have faced a few turning points in life, that helped me understand the meaning of life and the experiences taught me the truth and depth of relationships. Due to these turning points, I have discovered many reasons to smile and life should be big and colorful like a carnival.

One of the most important turning points of my life was the first run away from my house. This incident became the main turning point which opened a new way in my relationship with my mother. Lack of communication between us was the main reason for such action. After this incident, we have come to a close and our communication distance slowly clearing the faded distance between us. This turning point made me realize to be more open to our loved ones and communicate our feelings (Mongeau et al. 2021, p.330). Another important turning point in my life that left a positive mark on my life was the reunion with my friend. After a long gap, I met my friend and his closeness and bonding made me realize the importance of friendship and the effect of friendship on bonding and relationship. Friendship with the right person glorifies the values of relationships and the positive side of life. The third turning point of my life was the death of my aunt as it made me realize to cherish each moment of my life and forgive myself. As we know death is the ultimate truth and inevitable part of our life. These turning points were not only the reason to teach me lessons but also made me realize to cherish positivity in life.  


Mongeau, P. A., Henningsen, M. L. M., & Oliver-Blackburn, B. M. (2021). Developmental Theories of Relationships: Uncertainty, Stage Model, and Turning Point Approach to Relationships’ Lifespan. Engaging theories in interpersonal communication, 328-341.

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