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COM 171- Evidence of an Outline of My Speech

Aug 24, 2023

Submit Outline 


  • Submit evidence of an outline for your talk
  • The outline can be formal or informal
  • Homework manuscript must comply with the MLA homework manuscript conventions 
  • Submission must be in Microsoft Word (*.docx) or PDF (*.pdf)

Evidence of an Outline of My Speech

Today I wanted to outline the struggle that I have faced in my school. I would want to judge my teachers who wanted me to get out of school, while the American Constitution generally narrates the fact which denotes that all the people in America have to get a minimum education of K-12. Moreover, I was often been bullied by my friends, and the teachers never objected. Thus, my elementary days were not that good, I eventually regretted my academic status because I got support when I could get involved in different fields where people were stating about the prime factors as this helped all the children to understand the relevant ideas to study and understand the significance of equal education.

I realized I was different in school, while my peers often bullied me. On the other hand, I realized that African Americans in the education sector faced severe issues as well as challenges because of their racial discrimination, low income, or inequitable access to education. Thus, for this reason, they often get an irrelevant curriculum, with a poor learning strategy. Moreover, an inadequate education system often relies on financing, or provides them with a weak education system, with a weak link towards the education system while developing a weak linkage to the world to work and compete with the whites.

I struggled to go to school before, where I used to be feared of talking or participating in any event because I used to feel that I might be bullied there. Therefore, this involved a mind of disparity, as a result, this created a gap equivalent to the educational opportunities, which is available for blacks within the white communities. Thus, Sub-Saharan Africa is calculated to be denoted under the highest rate of education exclusion on a global basis, as it was discovered by the United Nations. Nearly, 60% of the youths between the age of 15 to 17 might not have been to school, or they are been bullied. In my opinion, I would state that there are several people, who committed suicide or get in contact with gangs who are doing some illegal business of spreading marijuana all over the nation, along with arms and ammunition. Therefore, the activist of the continent is fighting for change. While, education is considered a Universal Human right, and an issue related to a public good as well as their responsibility within society. Thus, Abraham Lincoln took up the initiative that involved the removal of slavery, while the students of African Americans made the descent to access a mainstream education like the Americans compared to giving education to all. Based on the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VI helps to establish control over educational policies.  Thus, I have been struggling to get hold of the educational system, which are depreciated on the notion that dwells on narrating the possibility of giving proper education to all individual as compared to that of the blacks. Giving equal education to all the students shall help and assist all the students to build their character and career. On the other hand, giving the facility of education to the children shall help the students to learn that no one should be discriminated against the society, as all must get an equal position. Eventually, I want the next generation to learn the significance of education which shall help them to be determined and shall help them not to take up any step which involves discrimination. Moreover, I used to face severe difficulties and challenges, which led to being like the struggle myself, I want a society which can are not plagued by the legacy of apartheid. While law enforcement, society, and even the police should talk for black people to be a part of society. Thus, it is my thinking that education shall help all individuals to learn the significance of people within the society, so that they are never discriminated, against while getting an opportunity to work in every field, to reach the goals and determinations the Blacks aspire for, other than getting involved into illegal gangs and be a victim of severe crimes.         

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