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COM 1102- Week 2 Journal

Sep 18, 2023

Journal 2

For this journal, I’d like you to discuss an uncomfortable or unpleasant truth that you’ve learned through your experiences. For example, while we may be told otherwise, the evidence seems to prove that attractive people tend to receive better treatment. Some things to consider

How did you come to this realization?

How does this truth make you feel?

Do you think this is an uncomfortable truth for everybody? A select few? Why?

What do you think this says about our society? About yourself?

Week 2 Journal

We have often heard people say that teachers preach specific values that enhance our lifestyles. One of the many values that have been reached since the start of time is that “money is not everything.” However, it stands true, and one must accept that the credibility of this statement is very partial based on time, location, and situation. Likewise, I have also believed that money is not everything and cannot buy us happiness. But it was not until a recent unfortunate incident that shook my faith and belief in this truth.

How I realized.

I always had a dream of playing basketball at the national level. I had been dreaming and planning for this moment for the time I can ever remember. I kept no place for improvement. I sacrificed everything: my childhood, friends, diet, and everyday life enjoyments to invest more and more time in practicing the game so that I can on my skills and prove myself eligible enough to play at the national level. The process has been challenging.

I have been through a lot of sacrifices and denial to achieve my dream. There were moments when I felt discouraged and heartbroken and like giving up. But then again, I have always believed in the Promises of perseverance and patience. However, on the D day, as I was playing in the test match for being qualified at the national level, I was shattered by the fact that life is unfair and partial and how the values and the morals that shaped my childhood turned out to be all false and wrong. as a team I scored 10 points.

My opponent team scored 9. In order to get qualified for the national team, the crucial point was 10. One might think that this is the end of the story, but it is not. This ad incident is that our team was not selected. The reason is that we are declared to be disqualified. Later we learned that the opponent team had brightened the board members into declaring them as the qualified team. They had promised them three-fourths of the total commission if they declared their team qualified for the national team.

How I felt.

I got to know about this incident seven days after the test match. As a team, we were already heartbroken that we could not make it to the finals. But after I learned about this incident, I felt devastated and shattered. I started questioning all the morals and ethics we were taught and that I have ever believed in. All of my beliefs crumbled down like a house of glass. I felt very sad and demotivated because the other team bought all my blood, sweat, and tears just with money and made it to the finals.

How and to whom does this truth affect?

This is an uncomfortable truth for only those few who refuse to participate in these petty games of money rules. Moreover, the money card can be played only by those who have enough money. Those who do not have the luxury of owning a lot become the victims of the rich. Those who believe in fair play, morals, and ethics are also victimized by those who wield money to win and rule over everyone. 

How it affected the image of the society.

This portrays a very negative image of society. This shows how partial and unfair society is and how worldly things like money and wealth are significant barriers between society’s population. This creates bad blood and a remark between the haves and the have-nots. Moreover, this concept of ruling over others with money is the start of authoritativeness. Those who play the card of money often claim to be more potent than others and believe they deserve the top priority in society. This creates a very toxic environment and results in the fast growth of psychological and mental development.

 However, I believe I would never buy this power of money, and I will never use money and wealth to rule over anyone or to turn any situation in my favor. Any external and materialistic thing is perishable, and the effect is short-lasting. I believe in effort and dedication. If I want to change something or get something, I will put in genuine effort and dedication instead of buying it with money.

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