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COM 1102- One Challenge That I Overcame

Sep 15, 2023

First Person POV essay – reflective or opinion – topic your choice. Keep in mind everything you can from Comp I: thesis, topic sentences, intro and conclusion strategies, paragraph structure, organization, and of course, all of the writing process with a special emphasis on your pal Proofreading

One Challenge That I Overcame


In this essay, I would like to reflect on one challenge that I overcame and how that changed my life for the better. Roy T. Bennet, the producer of ‘The Light in the Power,” said, “You leam something ‘tremendous from the essential occasions overall individuals, however, you never contact your legitimate potential until you challenge yourself to go past compelled restrictions (Mittal et al., 2020)” There are various difficulties I have faced, yet possibly of the central test I went standing up to was when I was alluded to ‘be an adolescent supervisor with the Charlotte Falcons soccer affiliation when I was called upon to be critical for the Charlotte Birds Connection Advancement Program in the summers of 2017 and 2018.

I felt respected to join the program, and in any case, recollected that it would actuate me to create some distance from my standard level of the shared brand name. I have been playing with the Charlotte Flying trackers for a fundamental time frame period, and I have continually regarded my mentors notwithstanding never figuring they would see me as, leader contemplating how I’m a short-lived individual. I never figured they would be restrictive individuals a pioneer, however, they saw more expected in me.

Seeing this mention was exceptionally hard for me since I expected to create some distance from my solace zone and do things, I could be more wonderful and used to doing. All through the program, I tried to create some distance from my standard level of shared brand name, first in class at a time. For instance, I drove a little assembling in the Book of Purified Association models continually, and I acquainted my statement with a more critical social gathering, and I have never done this. All along, I was driving a little assembling with a partner, however, whenever I had a profound knowledge of driving a little collecting, I energetically chose to lead a social gathering without help from someone else. I actuated myself to create some distance from my standard level of shared brand name, to go defying my impressions of trepidation by taking on this little described social gathering that was my subsequent year. Through the extent of my time driving this social gathering, Thad had the conventional chance to share my convictions and to hear how God has furthermore totally transformed them. Lt attempted to respond to questions they had for me about my conviction. Seeing their fervor to leam more about God made me troubled to lead.

‘All through those two years, I could see tum to other youth pioneers or my mentors when I truly needed support with an undertaking. Whether it was getting the young people to settle down, appropriating them into unimportant social gatherings for the Book of Purified game plans study, or coordinating a brief soccer match, I could depend on the other youth pioneers to help. It is head to have help when you are made a pass at contemplating how they are there to assist you in any capacity they with canning. They were exceptionally obvious to me through any test I went up against. The individual that I could most depend on for engaging is my collaborator, Luke Helmut He is the one who confided in me to be a piece of the Charlotte Flying Trackers Connection Improvement Program. He was apparently a mentor to me the whole time. He affected me to do things that I could never have at any point possibly finished on ‘my own; he pushed me to track down my inside chief and keeps on assisting me with empowering my association confines straight up to the consistent day.


With this test, I found that with trust in myself and a stunning, genuinely unsurprising connection, I can vanquish any obstruction. All through this excursion, I have had mentors and different pioneers who have ‘been exceptionally obvious to me despite the way that they comprehend I can be restrictive and battle to convey. They assisted me with vanquishing this obstruction and kept on assisting me notwithstanding they with canning. Vanquishing this obstruction has helped me in my life today by giving me the affirmation to step more into a basic, critical, strategic position of power. Looking for irritability can be trying, however, in considering everything, you will see what you are prepared to do.


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