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COM 1102- Discussion 1: Personality Traits

Sep 18, 2023

Threaded Discussion: Personality Traits

What is the best aspect of your personality? How about the worst aspect? Provide a short narrative for both your best and worst personality traits that show each trait in action. For example, if the best aspect of your personality is that you are organized and the worst is that you’re blunt, then show us a moment that highlights your organization, and show a separate moment that highlights your bluntness.

Discussion 1: Personality Traits

I have both feeble and intense obsessions in my character. I’m irrefutably a piece humiliated about my careless parts, and I do my best to discard them. Concerning significant solid areas for serious for my character, I regard and am worth them.

Everyone tells me I take after my dad since I’m a respectable social occasion and exceptionally organized person. I’m a complete extrovert. I love people, and my beginning and end contemplated parts. I appreciate them and can relate easily. Being open and enlightening means extending my mind and my points of view on the world. That is the explanation. I like assembling new people and bantering with them. I endeavor to be a responsive and flexible individual, thinking about how our existence is perseveringly making.

I remember when I was welcome to a sidekick’s birthday festivity. There was all our get-together of accomplice school embellishments. It was genuinely fun meeting all of my embellishments from a previous time. Everyone was busy commending Easy Street. One sidekick of mine was extraordinarily researching and couldn’t be a piece of the correspondence. She was not really introducing herself and was not obliging the others. We played a game where we expected to share our best and the most embarrassing situation.

Unequivocally when it was her decision, people got superfluously connected with playing various games, and no one was genuinely zeroing in on what she was suggesting. I felt unpalatable that she could feel, to some degree, cast out. So I sat with her and focused on her, fastidiously watching out for her particular alluding. Her records were really earth-shattering. For a surprisingly long time, she communicated thankfulness to me, saying that it was when anyone first really pivoted her with thought, moreover offered thanks toward me. Starting then, and for a critical period of time, we have never genuinely bypassed, generally speaking.

One of my best attributes is that I endeavor to feel as satisfied and mind-blowing as conceivable if all else fails. My embellishments on occasion call me the life and soul of the party, with a faltering of humor, notwithstanding the way that I may a piece of the time be constrained. Anyone can be down or deterred when something hopeless happens. Suddenly, in case somebody makes me feel unpalatable or makes me insane, I, on an exceptionally fundamental level, will, if all else fails, excuse the individual being suggested and push toward things from the extraordinary side. I genuinely scorn rude and disheartened people, but I, on a very basic level, from time to time, go crazy because of them.

I would, as such, depict my personality as liberal. I respect offering something to other people, and I’m ready to help them at whatever point. I’d worked with and trustworthy, other than, and I’m more than awe-inspiring when things happen on time, as shown by the schedule. I’m extraordinarily committed, and I’m dependably involved. I had some command over without giving up.

My negative and least hypnotizing attributes are certification and nonappearance of watchfulness- a piece of the time, I set too restrictive speculations concerning picking something. I’m a central piece of the time, a hard person to please. I’m dangerous my particular individual makes me lose a couple of beautiful courses in my standard presence. Piece of the time, this brand name works its bearing into my affirmation of embellishments and various affiliations, which perseveringly make it pursue for people to trust me genuinely or for me to manufacture a relationship with them easily.

With everything considered, my personality attributes are both brand name and obtained. Unequivocally, when I view myself as often as possible, I become disheartened about how I see myself. I’m actively attempting to improve myself as a person.


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