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COM 1101- Learning Unit 5 Mini Project – Conflict Management

Sep 14, 2023

Learning Unit 5 Mini Project – Conflict Management

Go to the homepage and search for three really helpful videos on conflict management. They can relate to personal conflict management, workplace conflict management, etc., or simply general tips you found useful. After finding and watching the three you selected, write a short summary of the key points you learned in each video, and how you can use that information to help you with handling conflict better in the future. Be sure to include the links to all three videos as well.

Learning Unit 5 Mini Project – Conflict Management

The three videos which provide information about conflict management are stated below-

The first video is all about the three ways to resolve conflict. In the video, the three ways to resolve the conflict are ……. (, 2020). Dorothy Walker talks about the three essential ways of conflict management. She explains that our energies are transferred from one person to another through work and communication. She further added how to transfer positive energy to solve conflicts between friends, family, strangers, kids, and beyond. The first way is to transfer the positive energy into meditation.

The second way is to observe, listen to, and ask questions to diffuse the conflict. If the question is asked, then it will able to reduce the negativity that person holds against another person. The third way is to make the agreement related to each of the works so that no misunderstanding can occur because misunderstanding leads to the rise of conflict. This information helps to acknowledge how the conflict can be resolved. In the future, if a situation arises, I will make sure to follow the steps these conflict management steps.

The second video is about resolving conflict or conflict management in the workplace.

The video on how to resolve workplace conflict and explain the losses of million that take place due to conflict arising in the workplace (, 2014). The reasons for conflict can be due to the need for appreciation, affiliation, Autonomy, and need for status. If someone feels unappreciated, feels not part of a team, feels not respected, and feels their role in the work is being undermined, then the conflict arises. The conflict can be resolved if the proper discussion is made with the person related to the issue.

The video explains that one needs to appreciate the hard work of people so that they can feel good and motivated. Always make the members feel that they are part of the team and provide the same respect that other team members get. Their work should also be seen and appreciated so that conflict will not occur or can be resolved. The reasons for conflict are when people do not get recognition for their work or do not get the same recognition as others.  

The third video is all about resolving workplace conflict. The video resolves workplace conflict and informs us about the various things we need to do so that we can resolve the issues or conflicts that might arise in the organization. To avoid conflict in the organization, one needs to make sure to listen to the other person’s thoughts and feelings.

To resolve the issue, the best thing we can do is to communicate with them and understand their point of view (, 2019). The other thing is to find the time to talk. It’s better to talk in person rather than by text. It may be misunderstood. It is better to be in control of the emotions before meeting the person and respect the other person’s feelings instead of blaming each other. It’s essential to be calm and handle the situation with proper emotion. If emotion and approaches are adequately made, then the conflict can be solved.

With the help of the videos, I learned about the various essential factors and ways that can be applied in the future to resolve the issues that can take place.

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