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COM 1101- Learning Unit 4 Mini Project – Types of Harassment

Sep 14, 2023

Learning Unit 4 Mini Project – Types of Harassment

Although most of us think of sexual harassment when using the term harassment, there are many different forms of harassment in addition to workplace sexual harassment, all of which involve someone (or an organization) trying to exercise power and influence.

These include:

Race and color harassment

Affectional orientation harassment

Religious harassment

Academic harassment

Status harassment

Disability harassment

Attractiveness harassment

Citizenship harassment

Veteran harassment

Please review the examples of each type of harassment in your reading assignment or do some Internet research. Think about each in terms of knowing someone who has been the subject of type. They could be friends, family members, coworkers, or yourself. Write a short narrative describing what happened for at least four of the nine shown. If you do not have personal examples, please provide examples of what you think each would be like in a workplace or personal situation.

Learning Unit 4 Mini Project – Types of Harassment

There are various harassment that take place in the workplace or organization apart from sexual harassment. Here are stated some harassment which has taken place with the example-

Race and color harassment- Race can be termed as the people’s background, and color is defined as skin color. It is unlawful to harass people due to race and color. For example, my friend went through the same harassment. My friend is African and has come to another country to study. On the college campus, he was harassed by several senior boys because of his color and his racial background.

The boys bully him because of his dark complexion and try to stop him from doing various activities with his colleagues and make fun of him. He was harassed because of his background from where he came and his skin color, which made him feel suicidal at the time.

Religious harassment– Religious harassment occurs because of people’s religious status. For example, one of my colleagues has to go through a related to religious harassment. My colleague was Muslim and needed the apartment for rent as he came from another state for a job.

All the owners of the apartment first time are ready to rent the flat to him, but as they soon found out that he was Muslim, they disagreed with the rent and said that they do not provide rent to Muslims (Behl, 2020, p.780). It is a kind of harassment he went through by the owner because of his religion. 

Disability harassment– In disability, the person gets an offending remark or harassed because of his disability. Such an incident took place with one of my relatives as she is disabled. She was in her school where the other children made fun of her for stammering. As she cannot speak properly, she gets locked forcefully by the other students in the school storeroom for almost 5 hours, and no one hears her as the storeroom is situated a certain away from the main school building. After a police complaint, the girl was rescued.

Academic harassment– The harassment occurs due to the person’s academic qualification. The same thing happened to my sister in her school. My sister had to drop school for particular years because of medical issues, and she rejoined the school after some time. But the student in the school has started harassing her since she dropped out of school. They tried to make fun of her academic report by saying her quitter, failures, and other various names. This led to depression for my sister. The complaint was filed in the mane of the student, and they got punishment for the same. 


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