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COM 102- Unit 2 discussion

Aug 28, 2023

After reading and viewing the materials in this unit, answer each of the three questions in its Writing Assignment. Be ambitious. These questions cannot be answered satisfactorily in under 200 words.

  1. What are “conventions?”
  2. What conventions are associated with the “Classic Hollywood Film?” Name several in each major category of film form: narrative (plot, action, conflict, dialogue, theme) structural (camera work, shots, style, editing) mise-en-scene (acting style, stars/ star personas (images), production design, cinematography, lighting, sets, and costumes)
  3. Define “The Invisible Style.”

Unit 2 discussion

1. The definitions of the “conventions”

According to the film studies the conventions are also known as, “semiotic analysis” and these are the essential parts of the films. The use of conventions mainly highlights the underlying meaning of each dictated scene and the scenes are also analyzed by the audiences and these created meanings are specially encoded in all used scenes (Belton, 2012, p.25). Furthermore, it specifically shows our abilities to decode the situations as we have been taught to decode each underlying meaning. These conventions help us to read the films through their presentation and they also impact our perspective. These conventions also indicate major events, plot beats, plot twists, and even the setting of the film. Similarly, the proper utilization of these conventions also helps to set the example of the content and enhances the power of the conveyed messages through the scenes and others. This convention also shows the character development and the effects of the turning points in the presented motion pictures.

2. The associated conventions with the “classic Hollywood film”

The most considered period golden age of Hollywood classic cinema “the age of classic Hollywood film” reflects the fine work and the usage of conventions to represent the sstorytellingfromstyle which is the main purpose of the motion picture. The prime effect of the visual style and the narrative conventions were popularly famous in the era of 1927 to 1967 and it demonstrated the effect of the film (Belton, 2012, p.250). If we glance at the film “Easy Riders” which represents the visual storytellinghand-held style with bike riding motion style. Furthermore, the director pushed the conventional figures and these structural conventions especially “the hand-held camera style”, “employing stylistics figures”, and even the “anamorphic images” also show the camera work and implicates the scenario works with the closure looks suggesting the flash forward style with the narrative conventional style which also psychological dream convention style as well the one sequence style to another (Belton, 2012, p.378). Furthermore, the plot revelation also suggests the genre conventions of the storytelling style. Likewise, the cinematic style also informs the struggles and achievements of the individual characters.

3. The invisible style

The filmmaking study defines the prime shot which indirectly creates two-dimensional film presentations to conceal the recovering process of spaces and these styles majorly focus on the development of facial expressions and the physical expressions of human nature. The invisible style also includes the invisible cut scenes where two scenes deal with each other and the two similar camera framework also helps to mix these scenes (Pan et al. 2021, p.40150).  Furthermore, these camera works and the editing styles also suggest smooth transitions which are presented to the viewers. The basic preposition of this style refers the cinematic development and helps to assist the cinematic elements with the improving style of the narrative style of the movie. The invisible style also presents the low visible revolutionary transition style of the camera and editing work.


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