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CO 325- W4 Assignment: Midterm paper

Aug 12, 2023

Review and Complete Your Weekly Assignment

Select three (3) different mediums (i.e., film, radio, Internet). For each medium, provide the following

Discuss how incivility has been demonstrated

Provide an example that you have experienced

Provide a minimum of two (2) suggestions for how incivility can be monitored and/or disciplined

Provide one active step you can take personally to promote civility within that medium

Your paper should be 2-3 pages and follow proper APA formatting. A minimum of two (2) scholarly resources are required and should be cited in-text and listed on a properly-formatted reference page.

W4 Assignment: Midterm paper


Incivility is regarded as inadequate good manners or an act of disrespecting elders from media platforms. Incivility has become a major problem in several nations. Marketing, the workplace, political incivility, and uncivil communication are the major characteristics of society. Diverse attributes presented across numerous media platforms shape incivility and perceptions. Certain modalities especially the structure and channel of media platforms have been uncivil.  Video and audio enhance incivility awareness and evaluation of the emotional, negative, and entertainment tones of participants. This paper addresses the interaction of media attributes in shaping people’s understanding and recognition of incivility. This paper discusses the instances of civility on the internet, radio, and film media platforms.  

Medium: film

Demonstration of incivility

Certain films have shown undesirable scenes that are viewed by several people worldwide. Movies encouraging disrespect for elders or other ethical behavior can have a serious impact on the minds of the young generation. Incivility acts are mainly propagated through films as the evil actions are demonstrated via explicit images of worldwide situations. Film-mediated depictions of opposing opinions are violating face-to-face social norms and incorporate incivility. When norms of social politeness are violated in films, it will have a major impact on watchers as if they are personally experiencing the offenses being represented in films.


I have seen that certain films demonstrating disrespect towards elders are affecting the perspectives of children as they often tend to imitate the episodes showcased in movies.


 It is suggested that incivility in films can be monitored by extensive ideological programming. Filmmakers ought to consider the impacts of their movies on the minds of people, especially the young generation. So, films must be made in a manner such that social norms are not being opposed in a negative manner.

Active step to promote civility

I shall take the personal step of taking the firm decision about not being influenced by the incivilities being demonstrated in films. I think before making any decisions and permitting the influence of external factors.

Medium: Radio

Demonstration of incivility

Hosts of talk radio extend beyond their ways to describe sounds and sound in such a manner that the listener almost gets absorbed into the situation being displayed on the radio. Thereby, talk radio shows present languages of outrage (Sydnor, 2018, p.99).  Outrage language is permeating the loops that increase polarization, and create conversation where only people giving agreeable opinions are allowed to express their opinions while others are marginalized. These radio shows could be engaging as listeners and viewers are attracted yet not considered to be constructive or rational but adhering to personality and sensationalists that are signified by the selectivity of ideologies (Haina, 2021, p. 59). There is no filtering process in radio news being broadcasted, as people can comment and post their opinions containing little explanation and using dehumanizing or derogatory language.


I have experienced incivility when listening to certain disturbing political conflicts on the radio.


Incivility can be managed by undertaking brief interactions and addressing the situation in a confident and respectable manner. These episodes must be monitored by regulatory bodies.

Active step to promote civility

I can personally manage incivility by controlling my emotions strongly and not being overwhelmed by these episodes.

Medium: Internet

Demonstration of incivility

Incivility using the internet is a major public concern as uncivil online interactions are increasing. Incivility actively propagates disrespect and is detrimental to achieving deliberative debate and reducing the potential of online or offline conversations. Uncivil speech is designated as the discourse that is against the social norms normally accepted and intolerant speech promotes violence, derogation, and discrimination. Incivility on the internet is recognized as the discussion conveying a disrespectful tone towards participants or topics of the discussion forum (Su et al. 2018, p.3678). Moreover, online incivility is entailing an intense emotional involvement as a persona can be targeted personally with offensive behaviors. When other people are offended on online platforms, there is the possibility of intervening in defense actions.


I experienced common behaviors of cyber incivility including delays in the reception of emails, the wrong format of emails and not receiving proper responses. Also, receiving inappropriate images due to the malfunctioning of spam filters is an act of cyber incivility. I have experienced cyber incivility on the internet that resulted in frustration, anger, negative feelings, an inferiority complex, and a reduction in productivity.


 Suggestions for monitoring cyber incivility include not giving proper responses to emails, making derogatory or demeaning remarks, and so on. Proper policies must be developed to learn netiquette. As connectivity via the Internet becomes stronger, people are becoming increasingly dependent on conducting business via electronic communication across geographical borders (, 2022).

Active step to promote civility

Personally, I can respect differences among people and understand their perspectives. This understanding and recognition enable me to take some time and think before responding to any conflicting idea.


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