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CM 241- Week 7 Discussion

Sep 6, 2023

Part 1:

Effective and consistent design in technical communication is well thought out even before opening a blank document or recording any videos. This is much like an interior designer who not only determines the color of a room’s walls but all the room’s colors, textures, furnishings, and features before construction work begins.

Be sure to clearly describe the design qualities in the context of the tutorial’s potential content, even to the point of identifying how design qualities may differ for different content (e.g., warning messages versus headings). Use complete sentences to describe the design qualities. Some designers will use a storyboard format to describe the design features and map out where content is likely to go on the slide or what a video scene will look like. Here is a blank storyboard document you can use, or you can create your own and attach it to your discussion topic 1 post: Tutorial Design Map.

Part 2:

In a professional setting, technical writers are often required to justify their design decisions. Saying, “Blue is my favorite color,” is not a viable justification for communication that is going to be used by anyone other than the writer. Therefore, after describing your tutorial’s design qualities, justify the decisions you made in relation to color, layout, font, and visuals. Reflect on how your decisions should impact your target audience and what motivated you to make your tutorial’s specific design decisions.

Week 7 Discussion

Part 1                                                                             

For effective communication, one should make sure that the design that they are making should be eye-catching so that it can be able to attract more audiences. If the design is good then the audience is automatically gets attracted to it. The proper and good tutorial is eye-catching things. Accordingly, I want the tutorial that I will make should be eye-catching so that the readers cannot resist reading it. But with that off, I want to make the tutorial in a simple way and language so that the readers can easily understand the actual tutorial without any issues and also get attracted as well with it (Schriger, 2018, p.240). To, make the tutorial eye-catching I have considered various factors so that the design should be more appealing. After seeing the various facts, the decision, I have made is how my design will look like and what the important things I will incorporate into it.

The first thing I want to add to my tutorial is using Times New Roman as the font and size 14 for normal content and 24 for headers. Here The little and the heading should be written in Algerian font so that it can help easily in segregating the title and other things with that of the inside written parts and also bring out some sort of difference in it as well. After that, the next step I will take is to give good colors where the font color will be green for normal content like step titles, instructions, materials list, etc., and blue for warnings. Headers will be bolded, and the other step titles will be in bold and italicized.  All the documents will be double-spaced.

Then the next step was the background I will add a light pink color so that it can contact the other colors that have been provided there. On each side, there will be a border and some design so that it can provide more good effects in it (Kusumandyoko,  Ratyaningrum, & Mutmainah, 2020, p.1040). Then there will come the title page will come on the first slide where the title will be written and with that, some graphic images are to be given to give more weightage. On the other slide, some graphic pictures related to the topic will be there, and with that of the other things which will be, there are some actual pages, charts, and the column so that the readers can relate it properly. The other thing that I will add is the time when all the written parts will come after each sentence so that it will look more attached and good. The time should be there where each of the slides will come one after the other and each of the lines will also come likewise. The way of coming to the lines will be round or popup-like things that attract the rats towards the work. I have made all the things in contrasting ways so that they can give each other complement as well.

Part 2

While making decisions related to colors, fonts, visuals, and layout I came across various things. Firstly, while choosing the colors have to make sure that I want to make the things on a contract basis so that it can able to attract the readers more toward the work. The contract also helps to pop up things accordingly and balance the work that is done (Huda, Rukun, Hartanto & Lubis, 2019, p.220). The reason for choosing the fonts is that Times Roman is chosen as it is basis and any person can understand the writing whereas the other fonts are chosen to give some design to the writing. Then the size of the fonts is chosen likewise as the heading has been kept with a greater number of fonts than the written part so that it can be easy to differentiate each part without much issue and the days can easily distinguish between each other which portion is what and it can reflect in eyes as well. The reason for choosing the graphic is that the graphic helps attract more attention and with the help of the graphic the readers can easily understand the work as well.

The decision which I have made has positively impacted the audiences, as it is seen that the reader finds are attached and easy to understand as well. The audiences like the design and the fonts and with that, they agree that the pictures are good concepts to add as it is good to see and understand the topic.

It can be said that the ways the audience likes the work and has given positive signs about the work have motivated me to work in the future as well (Le & Morra, 2019, p.1640). The things that motivated me to make the specific design decisions for my tutorial are the customer tastes nowadays. After the research, I found out that this type of thing attracts more readers to the work.


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