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BUS 1105- Module 6 Communicating Effectively using Social Media

Aug 9, 2023

Part One requires you to create guidelines for communicating effectively using social media. You will research what different organizations have created and also review what your own organization has created to ensure that employees follow the professional guidelines for communicating through social media on behalf of the organization. Your guidelines will be written in a report style to your company’s CEO. If you are not currently employed, you can create a mock company in which to use for this assignment. Your report will be a minimum of two pages.

Module 6 Discussion Part 1


Social media can be considered an important aspect of the growth of the company. Most employees use social media platforms so that they can connect with others and communicating on social media gives a lasting impact on the reputation of the company and as well as represent the company they represent. (Neeley & Leonardi, 2018, p.925)Social media helps to generate the review of the organization and helps to protect from the legal risk which can take place in the future as many employees post their reviews on the social media platform. 

What other organization has been created?

The other organizations have created some guidelines for online communication which are stated below-

Privacy– All the employees maintain the rules and the regulation of the company and they are asked at the time of joining the organization to maintain the privacy of the company. The rules are made that the employees or anyone who is associated with the company need not disclose any important or private information about the company on social media. The information can be termed as sensitive information such as the strategies which are made in the organization, the sales figure, the financial figure of the company, etc. The privacy of the organization needs to be maintained by all the people associated with the company. 

Security– Cybercrime is one of the crimes which take place in every organization. The security of the company needs to be get protected by an applied password. Online hacking or blackmailing become a common problem that takes place nowadays so the company is limiting the usage of the online presence. 

Legality– The employees should have all the information relating to the legal aspect of the organization whether it is trademark, patent, or copyright. If the employees are full knowledge about the same then they can protect themselves as well as the company. 

Do’s and don’ts- There are always pros and cons of their activity online and should follow the dos and don’ts which are explained by the organization. The do’s are like the employees need to be polite, responsible, and noble (Ebrahim, 2020, p.290). They must behave respectfully to nay to the other employees. The don’ts are like the employees should not post any internal matter of the company on social media platforms.

Creating guidelines for the own company for social media interactions.

The social media guideline which is own company will follow are stated below-

Privacy- The proper rules and regulations will be made and which need to be followed by the employees. The restriction will be imposed on sharing any information about the company on social media and it will be informed to the employees in the joining and a contract needs to be signed for that. 

Security- Online usage will be limited and the password will be changed at intervals so that the hacking can be reduced in the organization. The restriction should be imposed on the unsafe sites and the employees need not open such sites for the official network.

Legality- All the employees who are associated with the company must know the legal and relevant characteristics of the company so that in the future if certain things take place then they can protect the company as well as themselves. In case the employees violate any legal rules then instead of posting on social media they can take the legal opinion from the company legal department.

Do’s and don’ts-  The are certain does and don’t in this organization is there which employees are bound to maintain. The does are like being respectful and polite to others. Be responsible for the duty and perform accordingly. The don’ts are like the employees refrain from posting any internal matter of the company on any social media platform. The use of social media should not interrupt their normal schedule as an employee. 

Promotion of marketing department– Social media is a good platform for marketing promotion and brand promotion as well (Ebrahim, Uray & Silahtaroglu, 2021, p.770). Campaign promotion or brand promotion is an important aspect of the company and for that, social media can act as a good platform that helps to reach out to various customers. 


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