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BUS 105- Week 1 Writing Assignment

Aug 25, 2023

Scenario: Your good friends, Jack and Tom, have just met with their company’s accountant. They have received bleak news about their profits for last year. Jack and Tom have needed to upgrade their equipment but haven’t had the money. They have recently had a small fire in their warehouse. In reviewing the documents, they realized that their insurance company would pay for the replacement of many of the operational tools even though they weren’t damaged. Jack and Tom realize that the forms completed by their warehouse supervisor were not completely accurate although the forms contain no outright lies. Jack and Tom’s insurance company has sent them a letter that has scheduled an arbitration to set the insurance payment that will be made to them.

Jack and Tom are your best friends and invite you to lunch to discuss these issues and get your advice.

  • Take a position on what you whether you would revise the forms – explain why or why not.
  • Define arbitration and explain how it would work.
  • Research and identify a case, company, or situation that used arbitration to successfully resolve this situation.
  • Explain what ethical theories the warehouse manager is likely to use to support his/her actions.
  • Explain what ethical theories Jack and Tom should consider to refute the warehouse manager’s actions.

Week 1 Writing Assignment

Take a position on whether you would revise the forms – explain why or why not.

Based on the case which is mentioned above, I would want to disclose in detail the significance of this case. Moreover, I would want to revise this form. Thus, this is considered to be unethical, while it is illegal based on defrauding the Insurance Company. Moreover, it is wisely related to complete transparency undertaken with the insurance companies so that they can avoid the different legal actions taken in the future. Arbitration is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, with an impartial party arbitrator, as it is placed on the parties based on the case to take up the decision. Although it is exactly noted to be stated as what is wrong with the different forms of the society underwent through the warehouse supervision, which altered out the imperative system to make an assurance to be sure enough which is correctly stated before an arbitration, which is done by the insurance company (Cheeseman, 2019).

Define arbitration and explain how it would work.

Arbitration is the process made by the professional arbitrator, who can facilitate communication with two sides to focus on the dispute. Therefore, being an arbitrator which focuses on the attorney, or the retired judges to take up the position related to the arbitrators.  Moreover, in some cases, mandatory arbitration is often ordered by the court. Here, the single arbitrator is supposed to hear it. Thus, based on arbitration is related to the voluntary note, with the parties who can agree to select a panel based on the parties. If the parties cannot agree, the court may assign the arbitrator.   As stated by Cheeseman, (2019), the case mentioned above related to the arbitration dwells on the note between the two parties. Apart from this, arbitration is mainly based on the involvement of selecting an impartial third party to take up a decision about the dispute. Moreover, in the case of the American Arbitration Association (AAA), which is widely related to making use of the multiple associations related to the topic, to understand the labor and their association, with multiple associates so that they can get details. Thus, things are often related to labor union agreements, franchise agreements, or even leases, acid on with the employment contract deals with the commercial contract under the arbitration clause (Bryant & Barker, 2020).

Moreover, related to the situation Jack and Tom, in their meeting required to deal with an arbitrator, while this would have helped them to deal with the impartial third-party revival claiming about the insurance and its policies. Thus, this requires paperwork which is required to be done, to take a final decision or a call regarding the items which are mainly claimed under the business. However, this is based on the business process which dwells on the parties so that one can call for the witness to give out their testimony as well as show evidence while supporting their case so that one can refute others to the other side. Hence, in the case of the arbitrator, on a general note, it can be paid by the revolution of an hour unless it dwells on some of the agreement that has been made. Moreover, before this situation, all the parties related to agreeing with the advance bond while building up the decision as it is made by an arbitrator. Hence, the case narrates how these friends met a company accountant, who is bleak about the news of the profit-pressed last year.

Research and identify a case, company, or situation that used arbitration to successfully resolve this situation.

This is where I can narrate a case, that dwells on the notion that thrives on arbitration to resolve the situation taking place as is mentioned in the case. Here, I shall try to mention the multiple National Football League (NFL) players for the New Orleans Saints who were accused of engaging with all the bounty programs based on the players to earn bonus payments for intentional infliction of the game-ending which landed injuries about the competition. Moreover, this is placed on with the 2009 to 2011 system although these are the players who shall never be penalized during the gaming situation to the people as it started on with questioning in details to just learn how to rise with the conspiracy. Thus, this case mainly tells about the details about the NFL Commissioner namely, Roger Goodell who handed out most of the servers who sanctioned the NFL history and their understanding. Therefore, the Federal Judge of New Orleans has ruled that Goodell was outside his authority can impose on sanctioned players who are involved (Basile, 2020).

Thus, the players are associated to take a look at the authority based on the arbitration which starts with the salary cap issue as well as the commissioner who did not involve the authority while using the discipline and its methods, about what has been done. Moreover, here I think the players are required to be associated to take up an arbitration while they can make use of the discipline methods about what has been done. However, in the case of the arbitrator which was ruled on June 12, 2012, all the players have conducted detrimental, which is made out of different subjects with a rule as a collection to bargain on the agreement. Moreover, the collective bargaining agreement is sort of a union system that represents the NFL players, which allows the owners to negotiate with the NFL owners. Thus, ruling with arbitration is a set of precedents based on the power undertaken by the NFL commissioner with a discipline in a manner for future cases.

Explain what ethical theories the warehouse manager is likely to use to support his/her actions.

To give a proper analysis dwell on the ethical theories which meager about the warehouse manager on what is required to be thought with the best company. Thus, this has been allowed to make a payment for insurance to make a payment for an operational tool that cannot be changed under any damages which falls under the scope of Utilitarianism. Therefore, American Arbitration Association takes up the dispute, related to resolution, while providing a significant to resolve the conflict out the court, with several arbitrations which are required to be involved in this case, based on different organizations to administer the arbitration proceedings. Thus, this means the warehouse where the manager is supposed to act with the thought of the greatest good based on the organization ( 2014). However, here, in this case, the warehouse manager, in my opinion, has been doing an injustice to the organization because it is based on their own set of morals and values which seemingly thrive out to develop a certain who this about the differences maintained by Jack and Tom. Thus, it is likely to be fair to the Insurance Company, because they launched their investigation, to happen in reality, as this would have helped them to get hurt based on the company in the long run.

Explain what ethical theories Jack and Tom should consider refuging the warehouse manager’s actions.

The ethical theories based on Jack and Tom are required to be considered to refute warehouse manager and their actions to upstand an individual. Moreover, the case can be concluded narrated the need to upgrade their equipment related to money. Thus, they are recently covered by a recent fire in the warehouse, and it takes up the opposition to its manager. Thus, in revising the document it is clear that the insurance company has to thrive out with all the kids so that they can relate to the details and come up with the ethical theories as realized by Jack and Tom to ensure realization to complete the warehouse supervision which is not completely accurate about the formation of an accurate idea to project to form a curtain to contain no outright lies. According to Sternlight (2019), the insurance company has sent out to schedule an arbitration to set out insurance based on the payments that would be made by them to ensure the warehouse fire. Thus, Jack and Tom is an upstanding system with an individual, as it is considered ethical relativism, which can be refuted by the warehouse manager while claiming the details. Thus, it simply claims an explanation related to the warehouse which managers have their feelings to claim about insurance, which is about warehouse managers while they can try to do a wrong analysis and fire the organization. Thus, if one wants to check how utilitarianism or ethical relativism act together watch how superheroes can be filmed in the movie. Moreover, based on the case related to the villain one can hatch out schemes based on a “greater good”, while the hero shall make use of their own set towards moral and ethical things which is combat of doing the right things as it is mentioned in this case above.


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